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Drummond Health & Fitness Education Academy is one of the leading training providers in the UK exercise and fitness industry. As a centre of excellence for exercise and fitness, we are validated by Central YMCA Qualifications, Active IQ and the Register of Exercise Professionals.

We aim to provide you with a wide range of high-quality courses catering for all your interests and learning needs. Whichever programme of study you choose, you will receive the best teaching and learning experience, delivered by the industry’s leading national trainers and presenters. The combination of excellent teaching, guidance and support makes us confident that if you decide to enrol on a Drummond programme you will enjoy and derive great benefit from the experience!

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February 17, 2016

What is the real truth? You can’t argue with numbers….

To discourage us from eating the wrong foods we are often told what exercise would be required to burn the food item off. We have been told that if we eat that chocolate bar we will have to go to the gym and work for at least an hour at high intensity to pay the […]

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August 13, 2017

Top Ten Tips For Training For Cycling Time Trials

Article by Kate Allan UK RTTC National 50-mile Champion 2017 Time trial cycling –a race against the clock; in a flat out, high intensity effort. There are few sports that hurt so much, and some may agree that it takes a certain amount of lunacy to give it a go. I remember reading a social […]

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August 6, 2017

Cardio Power Circuit Workout

This is a great simple workout to use either in the garden or outdoors anywhere in the nice weather or use it in the gym, studio or class.  You can add varied equipment to each exercise to make it more challenging. Try it with weighted med balls, VIPR or a kettlebell.  Give this to your […]

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July 23, 2017

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Article by Carole Frost B.Sc (Hon’s) The benefits of practicing pre and post-natal yoga are very well documented and include:-   mental preparation for birth getting through pregnancy with minimal discomfort learn conscious use of breath to manage pain and anxiety in labour help with birth and post-delivery stages mums appear healthier in both mind […]

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July 10, 2017

Peripheral Heart Action Circuit with Suspension/TRX

Workout by Glenn Cranham B.Sc  A great little bank holiday workout for your clients at the gym.  CV warm up 5 mins.   Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Load Rest TRX Pistol Squats 2 10 3-1-2 Bodyweight circuit TRX Row   10 3-0-1 Bodyweight circuit TRX Sprinters Starts   10 Fast Bodyweight circuit TRX Chest Press […]

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default image

Hopefully will be back for more courses soon!!!! Thank you for everything Anne!!! Have loved every second of my courses with you guys!!!! 🙂

Laura May 23, 2015

default image

Just a quick note to say thank you for organising the circuit day with Stuart on Sunday. Had a really good, solid day of training and came out with a load of new ideas and just a slight case of DOMS!! Please pass on my thanks to Stuart – his training days are always fun

Ross May 23, 2015

default image

Omg thank you so much Gill/ Anne etc for the 50 articles by email – this is just what I needed for my wee business !!!! Great titbits for Facebook business pages too – total godsend !!! Thank you

Arleen November 6, 2015

default image

just wanted to email you after I attended the Edinburgh intensive course this weekend past. I wanted to pass on how fantastic a tutor Ashliegh was in teaching. I in particular struggled with confidence in ……..

Jenni November 6, 2015

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