From an injury and pain perspective, there are lots of things we can all look at adding to our lifestyle in order to maintain our body and energy levels. Here are 4 things to add to your general routine as part of your new years resolutions:

  • Regular Strength Training: Strength training is important on so many levels. Whether you are a runner who needs to withstand 2.5x your bodyweight or you are getting older and your muscular strength is naturally regressing, strength training should be at the top of your new years resolution list. For example, strength training has been show to reduce overuse injuries by 50%!
  • Maintaining mobility: If you do not use it, you lose it! Mobility is important to maintain particularly in areas such as your ankles, hips and thoracic spine. We have a lot of mobility videos here or the ‘worlds greatest stretch’ is also a great whole body exercise for key areas here.  
  • Sleep Hygiene: Sleep is just so important and something that we tend to not priorities enough. Sleep is closely linked to pain, our ability to recover and also our performance levels. Things such as no phones prior to bed, limit stimulants in an evening and not watching TV just before bed area good place to start.
  • Pick something you will maintain until your next resolution: Often exercise is not consistent and we wax and wane with our commitment and consistency. One reason for this is that we don’t pick exercises based on things such as access to facilities, enjoyment, adequate understanding etc. So pick something you will enjoy and something you can see yourself doing from now until next year.