By Conor McLean, Drummond Tutor & Senior Lecturer, & Lifestyle & Obesity Specialist for Edinburgh Leisure 

Supersets are a great way to hit all the main muscle groups in the body, especially if you are quite short in time. All these Supersets are using opposing (agonist & antagonist) muscle groups, meaning as one muscle group is working, the other is resting, so you should be able to keep intensity and work rate quite high. All exercises should be accessible in most gyms! But anyone going to give it a go will need to select the best weight (resistance) for them. Remember the 1-10 RPE Scale? Go for a weight you would rate anywhere around 7/8 in order to get best bang for buck with this session. Enjoy!
Super Superset:
Dumbbell Chest Press310
1. Upper ADumbbell Prone Bench Row31090 secs
Seated Leg Extension310
2. Lower ASeated Leg curl 31090 secs
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press310
3. Upper BLat Pulldown31090 secs
Bodyweight Glute Bridge310
4. Lower BMountain Climbers31060 secs
Cable Tricep Pushdown (Rope)315
5. ArmsCable Bicep Hammer Curl (Rope) 31560 secs