Our resident Pilates national lead expert “extraordinaire” Jo Everill-Taylor has paired up with long-time friend and paediatric specialist Cat Welch to launch “Hatch” – a fresh idea to help children come “out of their shells”, – a programme combining movement with behavioural support. Its an amazing programme. Join Jo & Cath on their journey and share this programme with any mothers or fathers you know who want to help their child break out of their shell. Read more about the story and help support Jo and Cath in their new business.

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The Story of Hatch

Jo Everill-Taylor is a highly experienced Movement Specialist who works in education and development in the UK. She is also the mother of 2 “A” grade children.

Cat Welch has 3 children the eldest of which is (high functioning) on the Autism Spectrum. She has a Master of Science in Chiropractic and has spent the majority of her 20 year post graduate studies in the field of paediatrics.

About 3 years ago these two good friends were discussing their research for various educational projects and the plate spinning involved in raising a family. They realised that they had a HUGE amount of cross over in their objectives and studies and so an idea began to Hatch……

Hatch Programmes was born from their unique skill set and a desire to make raising children just that bit easier, to assist in attaining the common goal of all parents – helping their children to excel.

It’s a given that parents want to do the best they can for their children, but this can often be difficult to achieve. On the journey to help her eldest son Cat was told by well-meaning friends that she wasn’t parenting strongly enough. When she suggested their son could be experiencing struggles her husband suggested she may be projecting as these were the children she saw in practice. When his teachers suggested her son may not be functioning in a typical manner their only answer was the NHS. Unfortunately, the NHS didn’t have any means of tackling the underlying neurological glitches. So, she resourced to the experts she had had the privilege of encountering in her career but that itself had its own demands.

We understand first hand that appointments with various experts can often be expensive, involve travelling with children and the resultant stresses this can entail. We wanted to create a service that would help a child flourish, yet could be accessed at your own convenience, in the comfort of your own home, at your pace and all at an affordable price.

Learning is born out of movement, it provides the building blocks of our developmental foundations. At times our children may struggle with certain of these building blocks and this can affect how they respond to their environment and future learning. Hatch Programmes offer fun, simple movement-based solutions to help with your child’s behaviour and future learning. Hatch programmes offer 9 unique 12-week courses that endeavour to ensure all the ‘building blocks’ are established in place, in the right order, helping your child break out of the shell that is restricting them.

All the exercises videos in each programme is filmed with children of various ages and different capabilities so your child will feel right at home. The programmes are aimed at children between the ages of 5-12 years old, but anyone can do them and still benefit.

Each programme is led by a colourful hatch character – you simply choose the one whose characteristics most closely resembles those of your child.

Each programme is designed to be followed over a 12-week period, with each of the series of videos being comprised of a warm up section and a main workout section. The activities start simply and become more complex as you progress through the course.

There are over 104 different exercises in the 9 programmes which means that there is lots of variety to bring out the best in your child. There is also a technical library of videos to give you extra support with the aims and checkpoints for the exercises which ensures you can be comfortable that you are doing things correctly.

Based upon integrated learning strategies for retained reflexes, the Pilates method, kinesiology, brain training techniques and supporting nutritional and behavioural interventions, Hatch Programmes provide a unique developmental environment: Movement-based, holistic, drug-free solutions to help your child break out of their shell.

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