Class handout and workout by the Drummond Team

The festive period is a time for family, fun, and of course, food.  We always say “we won’t this year”, “ I’ll be good and just have one mince pie” (pardon the eye roll). But let’s be honest, who can resist the temptation of all those sweet treats and delicious meals – oh and don’t forget the booze.  Whether your drinking to help tolerate your in-laws, or just because it’s the festive season (go on, one more) – you’ll find come January you have packed on a few inches that could be blamed on a few too many roast potatoes. Whilst we don’t want you to completely miss out on all the fun, some restraint can be helpful when it comes to your post-Christmas waistline.

Another common problem is all the visiting.  We don’t mean the actual visiting part, but that this generally consists of long periods of sitting down (and eating/drinking).  Exercise is sometimes considered more of a luxury during this time because you’re so busy socializing and catching up with your aunties and uncles you haven’t seen all year long.  This is where we want to help you! We’ve got some top tips for you to incorporate little bits of activity into your busy holiday schedule. Combine this with a few less helpings of stuffing and pie, and you’ll be back to shape in no time in January.

Send your clients this workout and ask them to do it every day. It only takes 12 minutes. 

  • HIIT workouts – They are short, fast and effective. Exactly what you need when time is short and festive activities are waiting for you. Try doing 10 minutes each morning to get your heart pumping before you start your day. Here is an example of a ’12 days of Christmas’ HIIT workout. We dare you to try doing it singing along to the song at the same time…
  • 1 minute for each exercise 
    • plank
    • bicep curls
    • burpees
    • bicycle crunches
    • squats
    • walking lunges
    • crunches
    • pushups
    • jumping jacks
    • high knees
    • standing calf raises
    • Russian twists

Working out not their thing, then share these every tips to stay more active and keep NEAT.

  • Instead of the usual tea and biscuits visit, why not suggest going for a walk around the park or around the block. Walking and chatting is a great way to burn calories and you get some fresh air at the same time. Bonus.
  • Last minute Christmas shopping left to do? Why not try make it a workout! Speed walk between shops, run back to your car between purchases, and if you’re really keen try doing a few jumping jacks before getting back into your car.
  • Kids? Instead of sitting around watching Christmas films all day everyday, if the weather isn’t too cold, why not suggest a game of Reindeer Rounders!? Which is basically just rounders with a festive name…
  • Christmas markets – what could be better than walking outside in the fresh air, and shopping. Perhaps skip the mulled wine and gingerbread, or at least limit yours to just one!
  • Christmas Yoga – Try and lead your family in a ‘Christmas themed’ yoga session with some festive names such as the ‘Christmas tree pose’ (which is actually just tree pose). Google it – there many adventurous samples you can try. OR, better yet – just go to a class, which is much easier and probably more feasible. You’ll feel de-stressed about all the things you need to do in no time.
  • Need more ice? Ingredients missing from the turkey preparations? Be the first to offer to go to the store to get what you need – better yet, walk to the store! Bring a rucksack so it’s easier to walk back with your purchases.
  • Your Christmas Tree : You can buy your tree from the supermarket, or probably even have it delivered, OR you could go and cut down your own tree! There are farms across the UK where you can bring your own handsaw and do the dirty work yourself. It’s not as easy as it looks! Or if you’re trying to be environmentally friendly, buy a potted tree (with the intention of planting it in your garden soon after Christmas) and do some squats with it first. Glute workout. Done.
  • Mornings are generally a good time to fit in a workout over the Christmas holidays. Waking up just 30 minutes earlier than usual to fit in some exercise can make a huge difference. Although sleep is very important waking up a little earlier than normal to get yourself to the gym, go for an early morning walk, or even attempting a little jog can help to keep your metabolism from taking too much of a holiday. You’ll feel better for it when you’re dishing out your second helping of turkey later on. Trust us.