The four-week plan focuses on the problem of weight gain and the abdominal storage of fat and is balanced around the solution in three ways. Delivered to you as an e copy pdf so you can carry it on your phone or tablet or you can print it out.

1. Balance of the food groups using fresh, unrefined products to balance kilocalories in against kilocalories out to either keep an optimum weight or lose body fat/weight.

2. Balance of blood sugar, insulin and cortisol levels by introducing only ‘unrefined’ healthy carbohydrates and eating them in a pyramid-timing format. This means eating these foods greater in the morning ensuring that in the evening your hormone levels are allowed to lower, ready for sleep.

3. Balance of lifestyle encouraging you to have time for yourself, for healthy cooking and lots of exercise to help reduce stress levels, maintain a healthy body weight and a balanced life.

The diet plan is a 45 page bound booklet that a full introductory chapter explaining the challenges of fat reduction and how the diet work.

The booklet has four chapters.

– The case for the carbohydrate pyramid
– Weekly menu plans with rules of combination
– Recipes
– Shopping lists

The Menu Plans

The menu plans includes four weeks of a healthy eating plan, full of natural foods. It includes all meals and snacks. You can swap meals around on the diet plan i.e. breakfast for breakfast, and choose what you would like to eat on each day. It also includes snacks that are balanced across the food groups to keep your fat storage hormones to a minimum and to keep you full of energy. The diet plan contains full instructions and an introductory chapter explaining the theory behind the concept.

Shopping Lists

Each week includes a full shopping list so that you can check your cupboards and then jump online or go the supermarket and follow the list.  This will mean that you will have all the products to hand in order to make all the healthy meals and snacks. At the end of the day, what you have in your cupboards is what you will eat.  This is one change you have to make to be successful.


All the recipes are included and are mostly designed for busy people with minimum preparation time. However, some preparation is required – there is no easy way out! For the diet to be successful you must spend some time looking after yourself, thinking ahead and packing snacks and lunches.