Thank you for booking your Drummond Health & Fitness Education Academy (Drummond) training course. Please read our terms and conditions so that we may confirm your resources for the course and complete the booking. Please acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions by signing this e-form.

Non-Refundable Deposit

1/3 of the full course fee is classed as a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. This cannot be refunded once we have registered your place. The entire course fee is non-refundable on confirmation of the course. The course is considered confirmed 14 days from the booking date.

After 14 days the full course fee cannot be refunded and becomes payable however changes to your programme dates may be made free of charge with two weeks notice.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Deferment of Course Dates

If problems should arise preventing you from attending a course or module date, you may be able to defer to another course or module date. Deferment of course dates within 14 working days of a course or module, will incur an administration fee of £50. If deferring within 5 working days of the course or module the full course or module fee is payable to re-schedule. If by deferring one module date of a course, the rest of the module dates for that course are affected, a fee will be applied for each module date of that course. This fee will be applied  unless a medical note is provided.

Course Dates Change 

From time to time it may be necessary for Drummond to change the course dates due to circumstances beyond their control. Drummond reserve the right to change the course dates with consultation with you and transfer your attendance to new agreed dates.

Deferment of Assessment Dates

If problems should arise preventing you from attending an assessment day, you may be able to defer to another assessment date. Deferment of assessment days within 14 working days will incur an administration fee of £50. If deferring within 5 working days of the assessment day, £100 fee is payable to re-schedule. If problems arise that prevent you from attending with less than 24 hours notice, a re-assessment fee of £150 will be applied.

Transfer of Course Places

Places are non-transferable in most instances but in exceptional circumstances, subject to the awarding organisation’s procedures and a £95-£195 administration fee, you may be able to transfer your place to another person. Transfers must be agreed with, and confirmed by Drummond prior to the course commencement. All resources must be transferred by the original payee, to the transferee, at their cost.

Interest free payment plans are available with an administration fee. If paying by a deposit and two instalments the fee is £30. If paying by deposit and 4 instalments the fee is £50. If paying by deposit and 9 instalments the fee is £75. Further instalments can be negotiated on an individual basis. 

If an instalment payment is in default more than 5 working days there is a £30 administration charge applied to your account. The administration charge is deducted from any further instalment payments in the first instance. If two instalments are missed consecutively the instalment plan is considered to have failed and the full course fee becomes payable in full.

Awarding Organisation certificates will only be released when all course fees have been paid in full. This will not affect you being qualified as you will be qualified from the date of passing your course in full.Your Drummond certificate is fully registerable with REP’s for this purpose.

Course Registration Expiry

 Under normal circumstances the course registration is valid for one year from the date of booking. This may be extended to a maximum of 18 months in particular circumstances, by written request. The written request must be made before the expiration of the 12 month registration period.

Re-registration fees

Level 2

Level 2 – Assessment and learning centre downloadable resources = £185

Level 2 – Assessment, learning centre downloadable resources & module attendance £295

Level 3

Level 3 – New LAP and assessment Only = £185

Level 3 – New LAP, assessment and learning centre downloadable resources = £295

Level 2 – New LAP, assessment, learning centre downloadable resources & module attendance £495


A cancellation charge of the full course or module fee will be applied if you fail to attend your booked course without prior notice to Drummond. Please note that a minimum number of candidates are required for each course and as such Drummond reserves the right to cancel or change course or module dates at short notice. In the unlikely event that a course or module is cancelled, candidates will be transferred to the next available course date.

Paying Your Course Fees by Monthly Payments

We are delighted to enable you to pay for your course fees by interest free instalments. In order to set up the instalment plan there is a one-off admin charge.

Admin Charge Options

  1. £30 for deposit and 2 further consecutive monthly instalments,
  2. £50 for deposit and 4 further consecutive monthly instalments  
  3. £75 for deposit and 9 further consecutive monthly instalments

If your payment does not meet the following terms, and you have not made specific arrangements with the office then a £30 administration fee will be applied to each instalment. It is recommended that you pay your instalments in a few days prior to that date to ensure they are in in time. If this timeframe is not able to be met then specific arrangements may be made outside of this, by discussion with the office. It is important that you contact the office if you think your instalment will be delayed as this will avoid the fee being applied. We are here to help and the charge is only applied in the absence of contact to agree changes to the instalment plan. Any arrangements will be confirmed in writing. Please telephone 0203 326 3009 to discuss any arrangements that may suit you better.

  1. The payment must be set up by standing order by you, from your bank account. This means you have to set it up and send it to us, note, we do not take it by direct debit. This gives you greater control and ensures that you can control when the funds are in your account. If you use internet banking, you can usually do this by using your faster payment system. If you need to pay an instalment (excluding deposit) by card then there will be further chare of £12 per card payment.


  1. The instalment amount must arrive in Drummonds bank account by the 1st of each calendar month. The first payment will be due by the 1stof the consecutive calendar month when the deposit is paid. I.e if the deposit is paid in September then the next payment is due by the 1stOctober and consecutive 1stof the months therafter. Where possible you need to allow three working days for an instalment to reach Drummonds bank account so it is advised to set it up to leave your account between the 25-28thof the month prior to the due date of 1stof the month.

You must use your name as a reference. This will be picked up and credited to your account which you can then see on your learning centre course login tab. The bank account payment details will be sent to you as part of your agreed terms and conditions.

If more than one instalment does not arrive by the first of each month (without further arrangements having been made) and we have not been able to negotiate any adjustments to the account, the instalment plan will be cancelled and the full fee becomes payable.

Remember: – We are here to help and support you so if you have any problems at all please do call the office where we can assist you in further arrangements.