Be cool in the pool – Aqua Aerobics Teacher Training

by Steph Toogood Hydro-Actif

As a qualified fitness instructor, looking for a new teaching opportunity?  I wonder have you considered investigating water exercise training or aqua aerobics? You don’t need to be exercise to music qualified, you can start from scratch or add it to your portfolio whether you are a gym instructor, yoga, pilates or PT trainer. Whatever your discipline there are opportunities for you to teach one to one and classes in the water. The growth of popularity of aqua aerobics exercise continues to grow year on year.  There has been 500 new swimming pools opened in the UK since 2006 showing a growth in popularity. Swimming popularity has dropped by 23.7% and according to the Amateur Swimming Association one of the reasons is that people are taking part in aqua aerobics classes instead.

Spinning, treadmill and pole exercise programmes originally from land are now commonplace in swimming pools.  Paddle boards that used to be only seen in open water are now popular, tethered in swimming pools to offer fitness and yoga postures to challenge balance.  These recent developments in aquatic training have revitalised pool programmes.  Also once Zumba was established in the studio this modality soon found its way to the swimming pool.  This enables younger, fitter students to consider adding water training to their fitness regime.  You may think that exercising in the water is easy but think about the mechanics and you will see it isn’t and you can get great workouts in the water. For instance, did you know that water can range from 4-42 times more resistant than air. Imagine what that can do for body weight resistance work. Add bouys’ and mits and the resistance can increase. It is also a very safe way of exercising as it is impact free on the weight bearing joints through the buoyancy of the body in water. Lets face it, relieving the weight bearing joints of some wear and tear whilst exercising has to be good for us all.

Water aerobics is not limited to any age group or skill level. Even many top athletes use the water for some of their training.  As a result, water aerobics appeals to all ages – with younger generations naturally enjoying the fun to be had in swimming pools while still appealing to the older generations and their need to maintain a moderate level of physical fitness. Most pools in your area have aqua aerobic classes on the timetable and they are constantly short of instructors. If you are looking to expand your areas of work then do consider Aqua training.

The programmes now offered generally enhance the experience for the individual with the use of either buoyant or drag equipment.  Most facilities have aqua mitts, hand buoys, noodles and often flotation belts for use in deep water.  Resistance may be obtained utilising kickboards and frisbees and balls are now popular.  Hopefully I have encouraged you to think about training to teach water whether you are a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor. 

Hydro-Actif in conjunction with Drummond Education offer a one-day core course with pre-reading to enable you to teach in shallow water. You can then expand your portfolio of teaching in the water to include deep water exercise, athletic exercise, therapy, weight management, core and balance workshops, pregnancy exercise and much more.  Please follow the link to find more information or if you have specific questions please telephone Steph on 07525 662555.