Physio Corner – Shoulder Rotator Cuff Pain

Do you have clients with rotator cuff pain? Understand the causes more with James our resident physiotherapist. 


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Lorraine’s Favourite Exercise

Meet Lorraine, our Scottish lead on Pilates for Edinburgh. Join her in her favourite exercise. Complete this daily in front of the television. 


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Soft Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

Recipe from our resident foody Krissy (Krisztina Biliczky)
A lovely recipe for a Christmas treat and one of my favourite things to bake with the children. 

80g plain all purpose flour ( can use oat flour but cookies will be drier) 
40g brown sugar or sweetener replacement 
50g unsweetened apples sauce 
3/4 tsp baking powder
1 […]

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31-40 of All Things Fitness

Series of articles from Dr Paul Batman PhD.
Remember you can use these articles for your own social media and websites. If you need the word copies just ask!
What’s on TV tonight?
Up to 20% of Australians over 20 years of age have metabolic syndrome defined as an increase in abdominal obesity, glucose intolerance, increased fat in […]

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Peripheral Heart Action Toning Circuit

A great workout from our resident Personal Training/Rehabilitation senior tutor Glenn Cranham B.Sc (Hon’s)

Notes: All exercises are with dumbbells and loads (suggested for an intermediate 75kg male) are for each dumbbell. Each group is a circuit to be completed twice with a minutes rest between circuits. Add your own warm up and activations based on […]

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12 Days of Christmas – Pilates Accumulator Workout to Challenge your Clients!!

This is a great little workout to give your clients to execute a couple of times over Christmas or use in your final classes of the year. The only criteria is that they have to sing it as they do it!

Complete a normal prep phase and then set them up on their own mats. Write […]

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Telos Coach Three Month Free Offer – Resistance Training for Better Sleep

Client article from Matt Hirst from Telos, your online coaching platform. This is a simple example of giving your clients some top tips and workouts at home or training your clients through the online platform. 

Want a better night’s sleep? 

Resistance training is one solution.

Resistance training is putting muscles under tension by contracting and relaxing under control, […]

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The Original ‘300’ Test – Try this for an amazing workout!

Article by Glenn Cranham B.Sc
For those of you that are a little longer in the tooth, you may well have heard of the 300 workout, that was used to train up the amazing physiques of the actors in the film 300.

The 300 workout was designed by Mark Twight, a record holding mountain climber and lead […]

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What is Canva?

Many of you want to create infographics for your business or for your courses. Watch this tutorial with Emma Theron our tutor who supports our online learners. 

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Pumpkin and Pear Oat Cake Slices

A great recipe for Halloween from our resident foody Krissy. This recipe is Vegan, gluten free and lactose free. What more could you want?


250 g small-grain oats
300 g pumpkin puree ( tinned or make your own) 
450 ml plant based milk
50 g of maple syrup
1 banana
1 pear
1 tsp vanilla […]

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