Exercise of the Week: Sit Up & Kettlebell Press

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Is Hypermobility Syndrome Linked to Tendinitis?

Physio Corner

Article by the Drummond Team

“Is Hypermobility Syndrome linked to Tendinitis?”

Short answer is – Yes.

The explanation:

Just to clarify on terms: Tendinitis is described as the inflammation and irritation of a tendon.  However, recent research has found that most tendon issues are non-inflammatory, so this term is rarely used. A more appropriate name for a […]

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Healthy Hydration Guide

Article by the Drummond team

Water is a life-essential, and its  very important to get the right amount of fluid to stay healthy. However, there are lots of mixed messages about how much, and exactly what to drink – and this can be confusing.

So why do we need water? 

Water makes up a large proportion of the […]

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Exercise Adherence – a Motivational read

Article by the Drummond Team

Here’s a quick motivational read to make sure you continue your new challenging yet rewarding and worthwhile goals. Don’t be one of the 50% who give up within 6months. You CAN DO IT, you WILL DO IT and you will NEVER REGRET it!

NEVER GIVE UP: If you fall off the bike, take […]

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Yogic Breath Method

Lee Hopkins, Drummond Yoga Course Instructor demonstrates the Yogic breath in this video


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Shamrock Shake Smoothie

This  healthy take on the classic Shamrock Shake uses fresh spinach and juicy kiwi to achieve the fun and festive St Patricks Day colour. Using fresh mint makes this smoothie extra minty and refreshing.

Nutrition profile:

Egg Free


1 frozen large banana, sliced
1 cup spinach
½ cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
½ […]

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How to Meal Prep for Weight Loss Like a Pro!

Its like the old  saying goes: “By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail.” This is especially  true when it comes to diet. When we don’t give thought to what we’re going to eat during the day, we’re left with what is convenient or close in proximity come mealtime. And the end result? We’re […]

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Forest Bathing

The outdoor business! ….this simple Japanese practice of forest bathing could be the key to leading a better life….but can it make you healthier?

Article by the Drummond team 

Called “Shinrin-yoku” – a form of nature therapy that originated in Japan, is getting attention and gaining popularity here in the UK. What is it, and whats it all about? Can […]

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Happy International Women’s Day! – Interview with Athlete Alice Hector

International Women’s Day – Interview with Athlete Alice Hector from Drummond Clinic on Vimeo.

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Spring vegetable tagliatelle with lemon & chive sauce



450g mixed spring vegetables such as green beans, asparagus, broad beans and peas
400g tagliatelle
1 lemon
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp snipped chives
grated parmesan  (or vegetarian alternative), to serve


Halve the green beans and cut the asparagus into 3 pieces on the diagonal. Cook the tagliatelle, adding the vegetables […]

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