No more 9-5 for me!

By Jill Williams

After a few years of procrastination, I suddenly hit a wall with regards to my

Corporate job.  As a chronic insomniac it was becoming increasingly difficult to focus and commit to the demands of endless meetings, reports, deadlines etc.

When I started training to be a Pilates instructor, I instinctively knew it was the career I needed and wanted and I had to walk away from my corporate life , no matter what the risks – no more annual salary, paid leave, final salary pension Flexi time and a whole lot of other benefits.

I am now a freelance Pilates instructor and love every minute of it. I may still be tired (insomnia is such a pain) but as soon as I start to warm up in class,

I feel relaxed peaceful and happy. I love connecting with people and love the way they walk out a little bit taller as when they come in.

I also love working in bare feet – business shoes just weren’t for me! I have never once regretted my change of career; it really is the best thing I have ever done.

The three-day mat Pilates course with Lorraine from Drummond Education was intense – a lot to learn, a lot of detail and a lot of practical work but it was also a lot of fun. This had much to do with our tutor Lorraine, who presented the exercises and explained the principals of Pilates, as well as detailed cues and teaching tips the 34 mat exercises, She did so with humour and patience.

Lorraine gave me more than simply tips and techniques- she gave me confidence to trust myself when instructing and to have faith in my abilities.

At the end of the course I felt confident about my knowledge and comfortable to go into the assessment in a few weeks’ time. I was teaching within three weeks of passing my assessment using a lot of the tips and techniques I learned from Lorraine and which I am still using now.

Several Pilates professionals who have seen me teach have commented on the depth of my knowledge and skills which I attribute to the excellent tutoring that Drummond Education provide. 

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