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Technology continues to break boundaries in the fitness industry, not just for the consumer but also

for the personal trainers running businesses in this competitive sector.

Despite the many benefits of taking your PT business online, some are still reliant on paper-based

systems. This method is littered with limitations and inefficiencies which can now be completely

negated with the introduction of a digital solution.


Here, Emma Excell, Fisikal COO talks us through the benefits of creating digital assessments and



Digitalising assessments and workout plans deliver a superior customer experience whilst also

enable you, the PT to spend less time on administration, freeing up more time to spend with clients.



Taking assessments online allows the targeting of more accurate profile specific audiences, so PTs

can create bespoke templates for different groups of members, who can also enter their own

information which is then captured and stored digitally. This provides an incredibly useful pool of

data on client behaviours and preferences, allowing services and communications to be pushed out

that directly address these.

Moving assessments online also allows PTs to review past assessments quickly, helping to

benchmark each client’s progress and performance, adding a more personal approach to their



By creating a database of workouts online, PTs can save a massive amount of administration time redistributing

or editing existing programmes. This gives the PT full control to personalise workouts

on-demand for clients, easily editing the difficulty and intensity to match the ability or goal. Easy to

configure and adjust, online workouts give the PT more time to spend with the 1-1 clients or the

group and provides a more consistent, trackable method of training that clients can access on the



For clients, a personalised, digital programme means a much more professional, convenient and

accessible service. They will no longer have to physically visit the gym or studio to access workout

plans – they can access the PT programme wherever they are – supported by a huge video library

demonstrating how to perform exercises correctly and giving access to bespoke workouts which

promote a variety of training outcomes.


A successful PT knows how to be time efficient. With data stored on ‘the cloud’ that they can access

anytime, anywhere saves time, allows more face-to-face contact with clients and improves security.

‘Lost’ or ‘misplaced’ information is no longer an issue and full GDPR compliance is automated.

The PT is also able to efficiently personalise the client experience, having a real time record of past

and current activity, goal history, ambitions for the future as well as a recording of any contraindicators,

exercise preferences and performance progress. Automated messages can be set up to

ensure critical touch points are not missed and bespoke emails initiated to clients from an app.

If a new PT starts out using an online solution, it can grow with their business and also creates good

habits from day one. An existing trainer, just starting out with no client history to input and with preprepared

documentation for upload, could be up and running in a matter of hours.

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Emma heads up the Fisikal operations team. Emma has over 4 years’ experience in investment

banking and over 14 years international property development. Emma has a degree in economics,

provides business analysis, digital marketing strategies and project management skills.