As gyms start to welcome back members post the Covid-19 imposed lockdown, new capacity restrictions and social distancing rules require implementation whilst there is also a need to maintain contact with members who are unable or unwilling to visit the physical facility.

Here, we speak to Rob Lander, CEO at Fisikal, about how Fisikal solutions help […]

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Our personal Covid Journey @ Drummond

Well! what a year it has been so far, and it isn’t quite over. To say this year has been challenging would be an understatement by a long mile. Lots of people have voiced that we are all in the same boat. I am sure that many of you don’t feel like we are in […]

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Guidance On Covid Return by the GCMT

The Council for Soft Tissue Therapies have produced a very helpful document for people working face to face on soft tissue therapies to return to work after Covid 19 Lockdown. Click on the link to take a read.


GCMT Recommendations and Guidance Face to Face Contact with Clients issued 12May2020

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Live Streaming Course Dates

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates

Anatom & physiology online programme for home study plus

Thursday mornings 9.30 am -1pm times 6 practical sessions

02-Jul-2020, 09-Jul-2020, 16-Jul-2020, 23-Jul-2020, 30-Jul-2020, 06-Aug-2020


Level 2 Exercise To Music

Level 2 anatomy & physiology online home study plus

Saturdays 9.30 am to 1pm x 4 sessions

30th May, 6th 13th & 20th June

Level 3 Diploma […]

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Benefits of Creating Digital Assessments & Workouts

Article by Emma Excell @
Technology continues to break boundaries in the fitness industry, not just for the consumer but also

for the personal trainers running businesses in this competitive sector.

Despite the many benefits of taking your PT business online, some are still reliant on paper-based

systems. This method is littered with limitations and inefficiencies which can […]

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5 tips to help PTs survive their first few months in business

Qualifying and stepping into the world of business is an exciting time for you as a Personal Trainer. You might be the most enthusiastic and motivated PT around, knowing every inch of the gym environment but it’s also important to take stock of some key business skills. This will enable you to market your business […]

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So Do You Go That Extra Mile With Your Participants?

Article by Lincoln Bryden.

Hello Everyone.  It is Lincoln here again.  Last weekend I played daddy day care as Jill and I were hosts for Harvey’s 5th birthday and 15 boys!  Trust me it was a long 2 hours but it was really worth it!  As I am new to the kids party thing, I was […]

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Interview with Sports Photographer Darren Wheeler – a.k.a “That Camera Man”

Alice Hector, Ambassador to our sister company – Drummond Clinic – interviews Sports photographer Darren Wheeler

What drew you to photography, and triathlon photography, in particular?

I was initially drawn to sports photography through my own personal love of water-skiing. I have always embraced challenges that most photographers would shy away from. Bobbing along in a cold […]

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H20 Fit – Aqua Training and certification

Our student of the month is Sarah Booth, Aqua Training & Development Programmes instructor & Drummond Education student. Sarah now runs her own successful aqua instructor training business H20 Fit. 

The course format is as follows:

1 day course which includes both theory and practical sessions. Pre coursework based on the student manual prior to attending the […]

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2019 – Are you ready for it?

Article by Samantha Cullum, Director, Upstartr

At the start of the year you can’t open a magazine without seeing a headline screaming ‘New Year, New You’ and café table conversation is all about new year resolutions, heated debate about planning and sometimes even silent contemplation of life and career.

We know it is tough to talk about plans […]

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