A wee workout to share with your clients to kick start their workouts this year. You can use it for homework or in a session or class with them. You can change the exercises to suit you or your equipment just use the accumulator concept.  Based on the hangover of the 12 days of Christmas/ton up concept, the workout is structured the same. ie. exercise no 1, then exercise 1 and 2 and then exercise 1,2 & 3. and so on.  Accumulating the workout like a pyramid. Try it yourself first and blast it then challenge your clients to complete it over the hols. 

1 Turkish Get Up
2 Sumo Squats
3 Push Ups
4 Star Jumps
5 Burpeeeeeeeeee’s
6 Bicycle Crunches
7 Glute Bridges
8 Mountan Climbers
9 Squat Jumps
10 Alternating Lunges (1 rep = 1 leg)
11 Crunches
12 Plank Shoulder Taps
You can alternate or change exercises as space/equipment/fitness requires!
Enjoy and let us know how you feel when you complete it.