Fiona’s Alphabet Workout



Every class member gets a copy of this sheet.  Each letter of the alphabet has a set exercise and number of reps attached to it.   The participant then spells out the answer to a set list of questions.

The questions can be themed, for example:

Spell your first name

Spell your last name

Spell the town you […]

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Get those Legs Snow-Ready!

Written by Conor Mclean, BSc Hons Sports & Exercise Science 

Here’s a  programme you can adapt to get all the muscles engaged when going down the piste. This one focusses mainly on endurance –  but the sets and rep ranges can be adapted to suit individuals needs.

Main muscles targeted: All glutes (maximus, minimums and medius); Quads; Hamstrings; […]

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Preventing Common Injuries in Gym Classes

Article by Dan Morris, Drummond Team Sport Rehabilitator

Gym/aerobic classes come in many forms such as body attack and body pump etc. They are a great way to remain/develop fitness as they are easily accessible; they are performed in large groups that help with adherence and you have an instructor guiding you through the class from […]

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The Rise of the Machine – Get Ready for Power Rowing

Article by The Drummond Team

It burns 600 calories an hour – and its back in fashion – get ready for power rowing!

Notice how there’s never a queue for the rowing machine in the gym? It’s normally in the corner of the gym collecting dust, but now the machine is having a moment, thanks to the rise […]

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So what is that big machine that sits in the gym and what do we do with the cables?! Check out the last in our range of one kit workouts with what to do on the cable machine!

Single-Arm Row with Rotation – Cable set to chest height. Start in a squat position, with cable in […]

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This workout can be completed with or without a step if you prefer by using markers for the sprints with the ball. You basically have to love your med ball for the whole workout. You are not allowed to put it down. Even on the rest period you have to carry it. My group for […]

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One Kit Workout is focussed on suspension training! 

Panic when you see those odd straps hanging from your gym ceiling?! Never fear, we have 8 exercises you can do for a great suspension training workout!!

Squat & Curl – Hold with both hands, sit back into a squat. Push up with legs, performing biceps curl at […]

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When the world of gym kit seems to get the better of you, try focussing on one piece of kit to get the most out of your workout! This week we’re focussing on Kettlebells – with a great workout from our in-house Sports Rehabilitator, Arran Nicholson:

Swings – Holding with both hands. Keeping back straight and […]

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Foam Rolling & Stretching – the differences?


By Dan Morris, B.Sc (Hons), GSR
Senior Physiotherapist, Drummond Clinic

Foam rolling and stretching can both have benefits in improving flexibility. Both have suggested physiological benefits but also potential changes in nervous system ‘protective’ tone. But which is better? Do they both have different benefits? Should you do one, the other, or both?


Stretching has been around for a lot longer […]

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Speed & Power Gym Training Workout

Boost your gym routine with this 4-week Speed & Power Gym Training Workout  Programme 

Written by Conor Mclean, BSc Hons Sports & Exercise Science












Here’s a blend of strength and speed work you can do in the gym to improve your speed and power. Include this programme if you’re looking to compliment your sport or endurance performance:

Push Day:

Lower […]

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