Getting Motivated for Hot Summer Workouts

Get Creative With Your Workout Logic

It can take a significant amount of mental gymnastics to prepare yourself for an outdoor workout during the dog days of summer. However, motivational speaker Gregory Berge, the founder of The Best Athlete You Can Be, starts with one tip when working with professional athletes: Reframe your mindset.

In this case, […]

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Conor’s “Wee” Park & Picnic Bench Workout!

By Conor McLean, Drummond Tutor & Senior Lecturer, & Lifestyle & Obesity Specialist for Edinburgh Leisure 

You only need a local picnic or park bench (& body weight) – for these great resistance training exercises!  A brilliant excuse to get outdoors…

Select 6-8 of these exercises to create a wee session in the park – maybe even […]

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The Supple Gardener

Article by the Drummond Team

With Spring finally upon us and gardens everywhere needing a little TLC, it might be helpful to try our 5 easy tricks to avoid the unwanted aches after a long day lifting and shifting in the garden.

Squat Well

Something that is often forgotten, or not understood to begin with, is how to […]

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Mel’s Body Conditioning Leg Workout

By Drummond Course Tutor Mel Beves

Here is a section from my body conditioning class that I am teaching at the moment.  This really overloads the lower body and gives a metabolic kick!  Who says you have to have impact to get the heart rate racing?!!

Wide squat x16 / wide pulse squat 16 – repeat […]

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Integrated Resistance Training to Tone up for Summer

Article by Gill Cummings-Bell & the Drummond Team 

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again! The seasons come around so quickly I can hardly keep up. Clients and class members are still working out from their post-Christmas fitness drive and are starting to think about getting out of their winter clothes into shorter […]

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Exercise of the Week: Sit Up & Kettlebell Press

Here’s a great workout to help tone abs and arms:


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A “Do Anywhere” Workout!

Workout provided by Drummond Course tutor and  Fitness Boxing pads Instructor Matthew Hirst

If you’re struggling to find time to get to the gym, its not the end of the world as there are lots of other options. Here’s a program that you can do anywhere with no equipment, so no excuses!
Start off by:
running on the spot for […]

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Taking a Closer Look at Kettlebells – The Benefits and Uses

Article by the Drummond Team

In Russia and Eastern Europe, kettlebell lifting is an international sport with local, national and world championships. However, they have become a piece of equipment found in many gyms, health clubs or studios. Kettlebells are a fantastic piece of equipment for development of dynamic strength and endurance in both a class […]

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Tim’s Strength Conditioning Workout – Try this at home!


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Plyometrics – Is It For Everyone?

Article by the Drummond Team

Plyometrics is a fantastic form of training that many personal trainers will have used at some point in their own training programmes at one point or another.


The benefits are widely accredited;

You increase the power and strength in the legs which will help all other aspects of training,You burn more calories in a […]

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