Every class member gets a copy of this sheet.  Each letter of the alphabet has a set exercise and number of reps attached to it.   The participant then spells out the answer to a set list of questions.

The questions can be themed, for example:

  1. Spell your first name
  2. Spell your last name
  3. Spell the town you were born
  4. Spell the name of the street where your currently live
  5. Spell the name of your first pet
  6. Spell the name of your primary school

You can use as many questions as needed depending on the length of the workout.

Workout questions can be themed, such as holidays (what’s your favourite holiday destination, where was your last holiday, what do you wear on your feet when you go on holiday, etc).

Have fun!


Fiona’s Alphabet Workout from Drummond Clinic on Vimeo.