Written by Conor Mclean, BSc Hons Sports & Exercise Science 

Here’s a  programme you can adapt to get all the muscles engaged when going down the piste. This one focusses mainly on endurance –  but the sets and rep ranges can be adapted to suit individuals needs.

Main muscles targeted: All glutes (maximus, minimums and medius); Quads; Hamstrings; Gastrocnemius; Soleus; Lats; Deltiods; Rotator Cuff; Core

Most suitable Cardio Machine for warm up/cardiovascular development?   
Cross-TrainerThis can be used for intervals or steady state cardio to suit the cardio needs of the individual
Exercise RepsSetsIntensity
Resistance Band Crab Walks10 steps each direction/side16/10 RPE
Resistance Band Clamshells10 each side16/10 RPE
Resistance Band Adduction10 each side16/10 RPE
Resistance Band Abduction10 each side16/10 RPE
Endurance Resistance Training
ExerciseRepsSetsWeight Selection (Intensity scale)
Split Squats12 each leg2-37/10 RPE
Straight Arm Pull Down1537/10 RPE
TRX Lateral Lunges12 each leg27/10 RPE
Cable Dumb Waiters (internal 1 session, external the next)12 each arm27/10 RPE
Single Leg Glute Bridges12 each leg2Unwaited - 7/10 RPE
Dumbbell Calf Raises1527/10 RPE
Russian Bicycle TwistsMax19/10 RPE