Workout by the Drummond Team 

HIIT Workout In 3 Sets– 40 mins

Work for 1 min on each exercise with 15 seconds transition to next exercise: If you don’t feel like you have worked hard at the end of the workout you haven’t worked hard enough. 

Bodyweight Set

Squat thrusts

Press ups


Mountain climbers


Side plank with pulses (Left)

Side plank with pulses (Right)

Reverse lunges (alternating)

Plank star jumps

2 mins rest between sets

Dumbbell Set

Power clean and press

Lateral lunges (DB curled at shoulder height

Chest press on stability ball

Front squats (DB at shoulders, elbows up)

Bent over row

Alternate lunges with DB’s overhead

Pullovers on stab ball


Split squats (left)

Split squats (right)

2 mins rest between sets

Stability Ball Set


Russian twist w DB (shoulders on ball)

Back extensions


Side crunches (Left)

Side crunches (Right)

Pikes (Repeat tucks if unable to do it)

Glute bridge (Shoulders on ball, DB’s on hips)

Roll outs

Hamstring curl to bridge

The end! Now go have a lie down.

This workout has quite a whole-body approach and cardio challenge. It has got a bit of peripheral heart action going on to ensure the CV system really works. It is designed with minimal equipment and easy transitions to keep it flowing. I’d recommend using a dumbbell weight that works for the chest press and keeping that weight for all the other dumbbell exercises. But there is no reason people can’t adjust the weights up or even use a barbell instead. If you want an even harder challenge you could change the work to rest timings to 40 sec w/10 secs rest and do each set twice before resting and moving onto the next set. I would definitely recommend downloading a timer to use on the phone for this