Business Corner – Luke Katt’s Club-K Health & Fitness

Drummond Education graduate Luke Katt has had an illustrious fitness  career spanning 20 years. His career started as a cruise ship entertainer and didn’t end there! He completed his Level 2  Exercise to Music training course 20 years ago with Drummond, which then led to Level 2 Gym, PT Diplomas, followed by Pilates and Exercise therapy, then Level 3 Sports Massage.

Luke’s Club-K business specialises in back pain therapy exercises, which is catching the attention of British doctors and spinal surgeons (one spinal surgeon in particular requested advice from Luke on his success in treating a patient with a degenerative condition!)

Based in a small town near Dartford in Kent, Luke plans to expand his Back Care Pilates practice. With help from his builder dad, together they are working on re-developing the space in his current facility.

His advice to anyone starting out: “Getting the word out about your business takes time! Be patient – and don’t over-estimate how long it can take to build it up.” (it took Luke 4 ½ years to get his business running to his original aspirations – that’s nearly double what he first anticipated!)

(Luke accredits his success to all the support he’s been given by the Drummond team – Gill Drummond, Arron Nicholson and Jo Everill-Taylor)


Visit Luke’s Website here