So what is that big machine that sits in the gym and what do we do with the cables?! Check out the last in our range of one kit workouts with what to do on the cable machine!

  • Single-Arm Row with Rotation – Cable set to chest height. Start in a squat position, with cable in one hand. Pull cable towards you, turning through upper body at the end of the movement. Ensure that you keep lower back straight and hips still throughout the movement


  • Punches – Cable set at chest height. Stand facing away from the machine, holding handle in one hand with opposite foot forward. Perform a punch, pushing cable away. Control weight on the way back.


  • Front Squat – Cable set to lowest position. Facing the machine, holding handle with both hands at chest height. Sit into a squat position, keeping back straight and chest up.  Drive through legs to stand.



  • Wood Chop – Cable set at highest point. Start with body positioned at 90 degrees to cable.  Hold handle in both hands. Bend knees, pulling cable down and across to opposite knee.  Do not let knees drop inwards during movement.



  • Reverse Fly – Start with cable set to lowest position. Hold one handle in each hand, with cable crossed. Raise arms into a Y position, squeezing shoulder blades back.


  • Chest Press – Cable set to highest position. Hold one handle in each hand. Push handles together. Control the movement throughout, trying not to use momentum from body movement.


  • Split Squat & Press – Cable set at lowest position. Stand side-on to machine, hold handle in hand closest to machine, with one foot back. Lower into squat push up through legs and press weight overhead.


  • Rugby Pass – Using rope attachment, hold in both hands. Step, turning through body and push weight away.