A great workout from our resident Personal Training/Rehabilitation senior tutor Glenn Cranham B.Sc (Hon’s)

Notes: All exercises are with dumbbells and loads (suggested for an intermediate 75kg male) are for each dumbbell. Each group is a circuit to be completed twice with a minutes rest between circuits. Add your own warm up and activations based on your client assessment and your own cool down to finish the workout. The table shows over two pages so make sure you press next at the bottom right to view the full workout and circuit. 

Chest Press22018
Alternating Lunges22018
Single Arm Row22018
1 Min
Single Arm Clean & Press22018
Goblet Alternating Lateral Lunges22018
1 Min
Incline Chest Press22014
Bulgarian Split Squats22014
Chest Supported Rows22012
1 Min
Chest Flys22012
Romanian Deadlifts22012
Bent Over Rear Delt Flys2206
1 Min
Z Bar Preacher Bench Bicep Curls22022.5
Preacher Bench Seated Leg Extensions (Abs)220-
Z Bar Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions22020