Client article from Matt Hirst from Telos, your online coaching platform. This is a simple example of giving your clients some top tips and workouts at home or training your clients through the online platform. 

Want a better night’s sleep? 

Resistance training is one solution.

Resistance training is putting muscles under tension by contracting and relaxing under control, like lifting a glass of water to drink. By putting the glass to your lips you are contracting the bicep and putting the glass back onto the table through controlled extension of the tricep.

Strength training also leads to better sleep at night as you can get a lot of bang for your buck by working multiple muscles in one go, tiring the body in the process and leaving you needing to burn calories to fully recover.

Poor quality sleep can increase the chances of high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and atherosclerosis (fatty deposits building up in arteries).*2018 physical activity guidelines.

Two birds with one stone.

By combining resistance training to improve sleep we strengthen the muscles of the body to do everyday tasks with ease like; climb the stairs, carry shopping from the supermarket to the car and into the home.

What strength exercises could I do?

Compound exercises or multiple joint exercises use more than one muscle at once so more energy is used. 

Two great exercises that you can do anytime anywhere are a Squat – take a kitchen chair. Start by sitting and standing 15 times. This has two functions;

1. Learn the correct movement pattern for squat by sitting back through the heels this engages the bottom (gluteus maximus) and hamstrings, bending the knees engages the thighs (quadriceps) and lowering your bottom engages the glutes to the chair. When you stand you press through the heels engaging the calf muscles (gastrocnemius/solaus), as you straighten your legs the quadriceps and once standing the bottom (glutes/hamstrings) will be working.

To increase strength and muscle endurance increase the repetitions to 25, once this target is met with ease try holding the chair and squatting. You will need to bring the reps back down to 15 and build up to 25. This is called progressive overload.

2. Press up or Push up. This involves lying on your front placing your hands underneath your shoulders, pulling your feet up so you are bending your toes then lifting your body off the floor.

This can be done on the knees or knees off the ground depending on current strength levels. 

Try doing 8-12 repetitions then increase to 15-25.

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