It’s Tip Trick or Treat Season at Drummond!

We have 10 training and nutrition tips for you and your clients from the Drummond Education team. The trick is to help clients and class members get it right.

10 Training & Nutrition Tips

  • Always include  kinetic chain releases for mobility before or after a workout. We have filmed 3 of them for you. You can even use them in your warm ups or cool downs. These can help keep your clients to move well. They could do them every day between classes or sessions.


  • When programming your classes or clients aim for stability, balance then loading. If you introduce a new exercise, check the client can execute the exercise technique with good stability through the joint structures and good balance before you load it with weight or equipment.


  • A 30 minute workout can be more useful if done more often, than a one hour workout that is completed less often. For a client to come to a one hour session it is often 2 hours out of their day. Time is a barrier for most, so consider getting the most out of your 30 minute sessions. Once the client knows how to warm up and cool down, ask them to do that out of your 30 minute session time so you can work them hard in your 30 minute session. See our example of a 30 minute session and our video links to go with it on our utube channel


  • Rather than setting SMART goals that can often lead a client to feeling like they failed, consider the power of setting programme ‘outcomes’ instead. A trainer setting a programme without an outcome,  is like a salesman saying I sold it but they didn’t buy it. It makes no sense. Outcomes are specific, negotiated and must be achieved.


  • In classes set a 10 week physiologically themed outcome and drive the anatomy & physiology of the class to achieve that outcome for the group. Build your class content to meet your physiological outcomes. If a class member said to you ‘what will I achieve if I come to your class for the next few weeks?’ you should be able to tell them and deliver on the outcome.


  • Don’t make nutrition complicated. There are some basic nutrition truths. Listen to this live lecture on the fundamentals of nutrition and share the information with your clients.


  • Encourage clients to plan their food cupboards and food shopping each week to achieve healthy meal options. Challenge them on it. Ask the question, What meals have you got planned this week?. Failure is inevitable if they don’t have it in the cupboards or if they have in the cupboards all the wrong things.


  • Look for healthy recipe’s for your clients that are quick, easy and nourishing. Remember they aren’t you, so don’t inflict on them your eating plan. Find a plan that fits with their lifestyle not yours. Make it easy, and post them on your social media.


  • Let them enjoy party season with good tips and advice. Two great tips are a) don’t go to parties hungry, eat healthily first and choose lighter options,  b) only visit a party buffet table once


  • Enjoy getting merry this festive season but break it up a night of alcohol drinking with lots of water. You will drink less alcohol overall if you space it out and drink low sugar soft drinks  in-between or better still, water. Alcohol calories can be really high so share these alcohol facts with them to convince them.