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Exercise Focus – Tennis Ball Releases For Improved Alignment article by Jo Everill-Taylor

Jo is a Pilates and biomechanics specialist coach and is a senior trainer and the Lead Quality Verifier for Drummond.  Her long standing industry experience in the field of corrective exercise and biomechanics analysis brings outstanding results for her clients with kinetic chain or movement dysfunctions.  Jo specialises in developing Pilates beyond its current functional […]

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Top Ten Tips For Training For Cycling Time Trials

Article by Kate Allan

UK RTTC National 50-mile Champion 2017

Time trial cycling –a race against the clock; in a flat out, high intensity effort. There are few sports that hurt so much, and some may agree that it takes a certain amount of lunacy to give it a go. I remember reading a social post from […]

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Tip – 10 Training & Nutrition Tips

It’s Tip Trick or Treat Season at Drummond!
We have 10 training and nutrition tips for you and your clients from the Drummond Education team. The trick is to help clients and class members get it right.
10 Training & Nutrition Tips

Always include  kinetic chain releases for mobility before or after a workout. We have filmed 3 […]

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