If you’re an instructor of Yoga, here’s 5 Top things to bring to a yoga class. Print this out and share with your class members.

Top 5 Things To Bring To A Yoga Class:

  1. Your own mat! While most studios have their own and they’re generally cleaned regularly I would always recommend taking your own mat or at the very least a yoga towel with a grippy underside so that you can keep your practice consistent. Plus you know 100% where it’s been! There are different types depending on thickness, stickiness and texture; which you choose is completely based on your personal preference, so it’s best to keep it simple. Textured mats are ideal for more active types of yoga — like power yoga — because of all the bending, sliding, and stretching. All your perspiration would make it difficult for smooth rubber and foam mats to stay sticky. For lower-intensity yoga — such as restorative yoga — comfort may be a higher priority since you’ll be lying down for long periods of time. In this case, smooth rubber or foam yoga mats would work well to provide adequate comfort and support.


  1. Comfortable clothes but not too loose. You don’t want to get into a Downward Dog situation where your t-shirt is up round your ears – if it’s going to fall down or fall up then it’s best to pick something a little more snug.


  1. Water! Invest in a decent water bottle. For yoga in room temperature any bottle is fine, although I’m currently enjoying the Love Island style sip from the top jobs – it definitely avoids any spillage. For a hot yoga class you may be more inclined to go for a metal bottle which will keep your water cool!


  1. A small hand towel. If you’re a healthy sweater then it’s absolutely worth bringing one of these – you can dry your palms to avoid slipping in certain poses or from your eyes!


  1. Bring a blanket for relaxation at the end. This isn’t an absolute essential but for those of you who love to get comfy during relaxation and meditation having your own blanket can help to relax you even further. It’s also great to use as a bolster rolled up!