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Pilates Breath! How important is it?

Class handout by Jo Everill-Taylor B.Sc
The Importance of Breath

Joseph Pilates emphasized using a very full breath in his exercises. He advocated thinking of the lungs as a bellows – using them strongly to pump the air fully in and out of the body. Most Pilates exercises co-ordinate with the breath, and using the breath properly […]

By |August 20th, 2018|Article, Pilates|

Let me introduce you to the fat cell

Article by Dr Paul Batman PhD
There is a great deal of information written and communicated about obesity and its effects on our health. What is not so clear is information on the site where this complex disease initiates some of its problems.

What is an adipocyte?

The adipocyte or fat cell is the main type of cell […]

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My “Coast to Coast” Journey

Journal by Dr Paul Batman P.hD
From St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire

After 40 years of working and training in the fitness industry, I was recently diagnosed with a 90% blocked coronary artery. I was shattered, after teaching people for decades that if you were fit, ate a healthy diet, controlled your […]

By |August 11th, 2018|Article, Physiology|

Outdoor bodyweight workout – Great for a summers day

Workout by Conor McLean
A wee 20 minute, 4 round of 4 sets workout. Exercise/Rest times can be played around with (30:30 or 20:40 or 15:45) depending on fitness. Minimal/no real equipment required. All rounds include heart raiser, upper body, lower body and core! Have fun with it 🙂

Round 1




High Knees

Press Ups

Lunges (can be […]

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What happens if I go away on holidays and I don’t train?

Article by Dr Paul Batman Ph.D





When people start a cardiovascular fitness program they are sometimes under the illusion that they will get fit quick and once they have improved their CV fitness level they can stop and go back their previous sedentary habits.

They don’t realise that it takes time and commitment to get CV fit […]

By |June 10th, 2018|Article, Physiology|

Gill & Tom’s Tag Bootcamp

Tom and I were inspired to go to the open water swimming lake with the rest of our team on an early morning swim. We decided that whilst the rest of our team swam we would workout around the lake on our own bootcamp tag. This left me a wee bit worried as Tom is […]

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Are you a Plank?

Having spent the last 30 years as an instructor from Slide… yes Slide!! To Aerobics, Step, BodyPump, BodyBalance, Circuit training, you name it I have trained and taught it. Latterly preferring Pilates as my main passion.

I am intrigued with how the plank is presented in classes, traditionally Pilates have the ‘prone leg pull’ but the stationary plank […]

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Training Tempo & Technique

Article by the Drummond Team

People getting active, being in the great outdoors and training is amazing. People who move actively or exercise lose weight, feel great and don’t get injured. Right?

Wrong…. many people who train who are muscularly weak, or are technically inexperienced and train without guidance, may perform movements incorrectly through poor or incorrect […]

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The big DROP workout – A great workout to stimulate muscle growth

Workout by Timothy Barry, Drummond Team

A quick workout I wanted to share, which I have personally found gets great results in muscle growth and toning. Ideal for men and women (ladies this will help your toning and you won’t get huge shoulder muscles (a lot of my clients ask me this).

An early warning; this is […]

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Spinach & Oat Protein Muffins

Good Mood Foods & Recipe by Krissy B
Keep your happy hormones high with adding some of these into your diet

Obviously the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is chocolate which will give you an endorphin boost from the polyphenols. A piece of dark chocolate a day will do the trick. 
An old time favourite and […]

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