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How Does Sports Massage Affect Running?

Article by the Drummond Team

Sometimes the best way to think about our bodies is to use a car analogy. A car drives many, many, miles to take you places. Your car is required to have a full MOT on it once a year to make sure its not going to break down on you. It […]

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Physio Corner – Achilles Issues and how to combat them

Achilles Issues from Drummond Clinic on Vimeo.

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Tackling persistent shoulder injuries in Rugby

 Tackling persistent shoulder injuries in Rugby

By Dan Morris, B.Sc (Hons), GSR
Senior Physiotherapist, Drummond Clinic

Rugby injuries are getting more and more prevalent despite the advances in technology and sports sciences/rehabilitation – and injuries are occurring more often…

A large reason for this is due to the fact that Rugby players are becoming much more athletic. For example, the average […]

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Physio Corner – The Great Benefits of Sports Massage!

Our very own Sport Rehabilitator, Dan Morris, shares the benefits of sports massage.

This is a tool that athletes have been using for many years in order to help with mental and physical recovery. Despite the exact mechanisms of massage being up for debate, evidence will tell us it is likely to have a positive effect […]

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Muscle Activation For Back Pain by Arran Nicholson (Client Article)

Arran is our clinical exercise rehabilitation specialist. He brings experience in sport and exercise rehabilitation and exercise performance following periods at Aldershot FC, Harlequins RFC and Ealing RFC. Like all of our therapist team, Arran works with a diverse range of patients, from those struggling to remain active right through to elite athletes, and all […]

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Stuck with a client? Un-stick them!

Article by Arran Nicholson B.Sc (Hon’s)

The origins of massage as a treatment technique can be traced back nearly 4000 years.  As a practice, it has stood the test of time and is still used extensively in sporting and therapeutic settings.

There have been some fascinating evolutions of how to apply massage and what sort of benefits […]

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