Workout programme card by Glenn Cranham B.Sc

Christmas Blast

If you’re short of time over xmas with relatives and parties, you still need to control those additional calories. So why not make the most of your time in the gym with compound exercises in a peripheral heart action (blood shunt) circuit. You can intersperse this with cardio intervals to really rack up a calorie deficit.

Workout 1 (Barbell)

Warm up 4-6 mins

Cardio intervals free choice, 40s V. Hard: 20s easy for 6 mins

Circuit 1 (complete x 2-3 with 1 min rest between circuits)

8-12 reps @75% or 1 RM of the following exercises


Bench Press

Alternating Lunges

Bent over Row

Complete the circuits, then cardio intervals free choice 1 min easy 1 min hard for 6 mins


Circuit 2 (complete x 2-3 with 1 min rest between circuits)

8-12 reps @75% or 1 RM of the following exercises

Front squats

Incline press

Bulgarian split squats or Split lunges (8-12 per leg)

Upright Row

Complete the circuits, then cool down 6 mins and light stretch (you could try 15 mins steady state @70%MHR to extend the EPOC here).


Workout 2 (Kettlebells)- Less Blood shunt, more just B***** Hard

Warm up and dynamic stretch 6-8 mins

Complete 2 circuits of 12-20 reps of each of the following with 1 min rest between circuits

Double arm swings

Sumo deadlifts

Single arm swings

Bent over row


Double arm swings

Clean and press

Single arm swings

Stability ball single arm chest press


Double arm swings


Single arm swings



Double arm swings

High Pull

Single arm swings

Figure of 8


Double arm swings

Windmill lunge

Single arm swings

Turkish get ups

I do this with a 40kg and 28kg kettlebell in 40-45 mins (12 reps of each and 12 L&R on each single limb exercise except the Turkish get ups, just do a total of 12 with the 28k). See if you can match me.

Have fun and be prepared to sweat. Think of all those extra treats you’ll have earned.