Article by the Drummond Team

Working the Christmas indulgence off after Christmas and looking for that deficit of three hundred to five hundred calories per day to achieve fat loss, can mean months of trying to restore pre-Christmas body composition.

Damage Limitation is the key!  Here are ten tips to help you survive the lead into and the aftermath of Christmas, and a recipe for a low fat Christmas cake to enjoy over the holidays.

Keep making normal healthy low fat meal choices right up to the holidays

Eating Out/Parties

  • If having special Christmas lunches/dinners out, stick to two courses not three (preferably low fat starter and main course, rather than desert), ask for your vegetables without butter.
  • Don’t eat additional bread rolls, etc with meals.
  • Make one of your evening meal each day high protein, with lots of vegetables and no carbohydrate. (i.e. lots of meat or fish with lots of vegetables and seeds)
  • Keep low fat snacks available, i.e. vegetable dips to avoid the Quality Street.
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum.
  • Drink low alcohol beverages where possible, or alcoholic drinks such as dry white wine (100ml of dry wine = approx 70 calories), low calorie soft drinks, and lots of water.

Christmas Day (as above+)

  • For your Christmas dinner, dry roast (without added fat) all your vegetables, including potatoes.
  • Cook the turkey with water in the roasting tin and not additional fat (this will keep it moist thus removing the need for the additional fat).

The Aftermath

After Christmas give away all the left over sweets and cakes to the local hospice.

Merry Christmas!!!