Dr Michael Roizen,  US Nutrition expert claims  “your diet can help cure what ails you”

 Dr Michael Roizen has been studying the effects of food on health for over 25 years. He’s the chief wellness officer of the academic medical centre the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. He also developed something called the RealAge test, (in a bestselling book) — that showed how diet and lifestyle can affect your health in such a way that you can have a biological age several years older (or younger) than your chronological age. In his new book, Roizen discusses another effect that diet can have on our wellbeing — how eating specific foods when our bodies have specific needs can make a real difference to our overall health, as well as how we feel and how we recover from illness. Here’s just a few of his suggestions of what to eat – and what to avoid:

For headaches

Eat: cashews & Brazil nuts (these contain magnesium which can help headaches), & spinach  (folate & B6 which can reduce migraine symptoms)

Avoid: Chocolate, red wine & Soy sauce 


Eat: Chicken, eggs, pumpkin seeds

Avoid: sugar, fats

For Colds

Eat: mushrooms, garlic, ginger

Avoid: orange juice! (contains high levels of sugar which can make the viruses propagate)

To avoid Bloating

Eat: Porridge oats & whole grains 

Avoid: Acidic fruits  (high-acid foods such as oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes & lemons) – these can irritate stomach lining 

Hot Flushes

Eat: Soya beans & tofu (contains phytoestrogens – helps control hormones), vegetables, red wine

Avoid: coffee!! (can elevate heart rates and cause dehydration)


Source: The Times.co.uk

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