Personal Training and Yoga or Pilates

  • Pre-Post Natal Fitness Instructor Training Course

    Pregnancy Pilates Instructor Training

    Price: £195.00£495.00 Sku No. #Workshop 3
    Pilates For Pregnancy £185 as CPD or £495 with together with Full CYQ Award In Adapting Exercise For Ante & Post Natal Clients    
  • UK pilates academy Spain

    UK Pilates Academy Spain

    Price: £1,500.00£2,145.00 Sku No. #Pilates Spain



    Level 3 What Will Be Studied?
    • Application and adaptation of the original 34 exercises to plan and deliver sessions suitable for a wide selection of clients and/or classes
    • The use of Pilates exercise as corrective exercise for kinetic chain dysfunction and postural abnormalities
    • How to plan progressive programmes both for group sessions and one to one personal training sessions
    • Evolving Pilates into functional exercise
    • Exercise sequencing model (unique to Drummond Education developed by our leading Clinical team)
    • Detailed teaching skills, observation and correction techniques
    • The use of small equipment to focus or challenge your clients including freeFORM, beamfit, pilates circles, therabands and balls
    What Will Be Studied On The Advanced Pilates Module?
    • How to use the prep phase as a dynamic diagnostic tool to analyse your clients movement and kinetic chain restrictions
    • More advanced sequence of progressions of each exercise- so re-visit the more technical exercises such as rollover, boomerang, full scissors and bicycle. Practice using breath and other training variables to enhance the outcome and performance.
    • Add 3D functionality into your classical repertoire.
    • How to add in more dynamic programming to challenge deep core stabilisers in standing.
    • Problem solving techniques – looking at blockages along the kinetic chain and appropriate interventions
    How Long Does It Last?
    • One/Two day attendance for anatomy on Advanced Human Motion (AHM); if not already level 3 together with pre-reading of anatomy materials
    • Two days Postural Analysis & Movement Correction (PAMC), not included if already a qualified Level 3, (optional but recommended). You can book this separately.
    • Three days classical mat practical
    • One day assessment
    • One day Advanced Pilates Biomechanics. Not included if already a level 3 but can be added separately. Attendance is after successful assessment of your diploma together with 12 weeks of teaching experience. This further day of training is offered within the price of your course. to enhance your learning and knowledge in Advanced Pilates Biomechanics module.
    Who Is The Course Suitable For?
    • Individuals 16 years or over
    • Those wishing to pursue a career in teaching Pilates both to individuals and in group sessions
    • Individuals already running sessions but lacking a formal qualification
    What Qualifications Are Needed?
    • No qualifications or experience are required to take this course however you must have been attending pilates classes as a participant for a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the start of your practical training days.
    • If not already a qualified fitness instructor you will also take Functional Anatomy For Fitness (on-line option available), Level 3 Advanced Human Motion & Functional Anatomy (AHM) (on-line option available) and Movement Analysis & Functional Biomechanics (MAFB).  These are included in the price of the full course
    How Is It Assessed?
    • Multiple-choice theory exam(s)
    • Case study and progressive programme
    • Worksheets and teaching log
    • Direct observation of a taught session
    Are There Any Books Or Special Equipment That Need To Be Purchased?
    • No, all course materials will be provided
    What Can The Qualification Lead To?
    • The ability to teach Pilates both group and one to one with improved knowledge and skills, and with an internationally recognized qualification
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  • Sale! Yoga Reformer Instructor Training

    Yoga Reformer Instructor Training

    Price: £645.00£1,395.00
    What Is The Course About?
    • History and research of the studio reformer
    • Detailed anatomy of Yoga postures on the studio reformer
    • Stabilisation training
    • Equipment & client set up
    • Micro control 
    • Yoga principles on the studio reformer
    • Full Yoga asana repertoire for the studio reformer from foundation (stage 01) 
    • One to one & group reformer movement assessments
    • One to one reformer programming
    • Group reformer programming
    How Long Does The Course Last?
    • Two days of Yoga asana repertoire
    • 40 hours personal and client practice
    • One day anatomy & physiology at level 3 (optional)
    • Online Yoga Diploma course refresher (optional) 
    • One day assessment
    Who Is The Course Suitable For?
    • Individuals 18 years and over
    • Yoga teachers wishing to work with the studio reformer
    • Pilates reformer teachers wishing to add Yoga Reformer to their teaching portfolio
    • Those seeking to enhance their qualifications and progressive to comprehensive pilates teaching
    • Individuals already working with Yoga clients on a one to one or small group
    • Those who believe in and personally practice Yoga
    What Qualifications Are Needed?
    • Level 3 Diploma In Teaching Hatha Yoga or you can combine this with taking the Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Hatha Yoga at the same time.
    • If you don't hold any of the stated qualifications do contact the office as you may be credited for gaining varied qualifications in allied fields.
    How Is It Assessed?
    • Personal practice
    • Direct observation of teaching a practical session
    • lesson plans and programmes
    Are There Any Books Or Special Equipment That Need To Be Purchased?
    • No, all course materials will be provided. 
    • On attending the training days you will also receive course notes and details of the Yoga asanas from which you can practice and continue learning.
    What Can The Qualification Lead To?
    • Employment as a Yoga Studio Reformer teacher
    • Progression onto level 4 Advanced Instructing Qualifications
    • Progression to comprehensive Pilates certification
    Terms and conditions apply to all Drummond Education programmes. Read more >