Article by the Drummond Team

When the excitement of the festive season is over and we get thrown full-throttle into the dreary January days and long dark nights – that means winter is well and truly upon us! During December our exercise routine often takes the backseat in favour of longer lie-ins and a comforting turkey dinners and heavy,  boozy meals out with friends and family.  It may take some effort; good things always do, but here are several things you can do to fight the winter spread:

  • Utilise the mornings

The benefits of starting the day off with a bit of exercise are numerous and it also sets the tone for they day. It can be hard to find the motivation to sweat it out after a long day at work, so why not get it done first thing. It’ll give you energy for the day ahead and leave the evenings free to cuddle up with a mug of tea.

  • Move your alarm clock

Most of us place our alarm devices within easy reach. This makes it a lot easier to press the snooze button. Try putting it in a place which forces you to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you’re actually out of your bed it’s easier to wake up and get going with your morning exercise routine.

  • Join a class

For those triathletes and runners out there, the winter is a great opportunity to focus on other integral aspects of your training. For instance, strength and conditioning, mobility and flexibility. Improvement in these areas will only facilitate and add to your performance and training. Have a look around and get involved in a few circuit, yoga or pilates classes in your area. Why not be adventurous and try something completely new like martial arts or salsa dancing and meet new people while you’re at it.

  • Download an app

There are multiple apps out there that provide you with equipment-free daily workouts which you can do in the warmth and safety of your own home e.g. Workout Trainer, Pocket Yoga and Fitness Builder to name a few. So if you just can’t bear to face the cold, move the coffee table out of the way and transform your lounge into a studio! There are also loads of online fitness communities that provide workouts as well nutritional advice, which can be extremely helpful in keeping one accountable.

  • Find a goal

Whether it be participating in a particular event or still being able to fit into your size 12 jeans after Christmas – note down why you want to keep fit this winter. Having something to work towards can give direction to your workouts as well as provide the motivation you need to stick to a fitness routine, even though you may not feel like it in the moment.

It’s all about pre-empting possible struggles/barriers to fitness, and putting plans in place to keep you on track. Then come summer you’ll be glad you did!