by Mel Beves

What do our class participants need from their instructors?

Here are my 5 top tips to ensure you are doing the best job you can to ensure an effective class with participant satisfaction.

1.  Choreography – Ensure that you know it.  You must have a plan in place to avoid getting put off.  Know where you want to take the group during the session and plan for overload.

2.  Technique – Practice the moves to ensure that you are demonstrating them correctly along with the options for the exercises.  You need to be fit enough to maintain a strong posture throughout, so if you know you cant carry on at full option then come down to the lower option and coach the tougher option.  When you are fit enough you can do the reverse.

3.  Personality – Everyone has one and it’s what sets you apart from other instructors.  Stay true to your personality and don’t try to be like anyone else!  Get to know your participants and involve them in the workout by asking questions or finding out what they want to achieve.  They need to know you care about what they want.  Remember it’s not your workout!!

4.  Coaching – This is why you sit through all of the physiology and anatomy when you work towards certification.  It’s taught so that we can keep all our participants safe and give them an effective workout which will in turn keep them coming back for more.  There is nothing more disappointing to a participant than when they ask a question about coaching given during the class and the instructor cant answer it…

5. Instructors never have a bad day!! Leave your troubles at the door and don’t take it out on the group!  Pick them back up as you leave – you will also feel a lot better by then!  It’s hard but you can do it and if you can’t then take the day off.