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Just passed Exercise to Music? Now what do I do??

By Nikki McCardle, Drummond Education Exercise to Music tutor

Don’t rush, take some time to consider what sort of class you might teach.

There are many different styles of class from freestyle, pre-choreographed, HIIT, conditioning and circuits. If you use music in your class and work to the structure of that music, it is exercise to music.

If […]

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Post Natal Benefits of the Squat

Article by Carifit baby wearing workouts. The new group exercise class for post-natal mums.

As one of the single most effective lower body exercises, squatting is a great way to regain and improve strength in a functional way whilst working the pelvic floor muscles. It is also a very safe exercise for both postnatal and expectant […]

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Top 5 ETM Class Instructor Tips

by Mel Beves

What do our class participants need from their instructors?

Here are my 5 top tips to ensure you are doing the best job you can to ensure an effective class with participant satisfaction.

1.  Choreography – Ensure that you know it.  You must have a plan in place to avoid getting put off.  Know where […]

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High Intensity Interval Training HIIT

Article by the Drummond Clinic

With this topic being high profile this week on the Horizon programme – Is this type of training a Fad or is it here to stay.  Below is what is being said about HIIT. Remember, there are many ways to reach the end of a physiological goal.  Is this the one?

What […]

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Six Steps To Becoming An Inspirational GroupEx Coach?

The Coaching Sequence – Be Inspirational
Article by the Drummond Education Team

Are you an ‘Inspirational Coach’?  Do you inspire, motivate, educate and coach a whole room of people at the same time?  You do and you must is the answer.  I’m sure for most of you this will merely be a reminder not anything new. By […]

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Weight Loss Workout Formulae For Studio Classes

Article from Advanced Instructor Metabolic Programming Module

This is the time of year when many of us want to theme our group classes in the studio for weight loss. This may be as a programme of classes up to the annual festivities or in the New Year as a recovery from the over indulgence. When ever […]

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