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Muscles of the Shoulder Joint Anterior: Profiling Muscles for Fitness Trainers Part 1 – The Pectoralis Major

Article by Dr Paul Batman, PhD. 

The pectoralis major is a multi pennate muscle that is fan shaped in appearance and twists on itself at its insertion. The pectoralis major consists of 2 separate parts, a clavicular and sternal portion. The sternal part twists 180 degrees on its insertion.


Medial half of the clavicle, sternum and first […]

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Forensic Analysis – The Reverse Curl

Analysis by Dr Paul Batman PhD

Client Instruction

 Starting Position

Lie is a supine position with your knees bent and your heels close to your bottom
Place your arms by the side of your body and in contact with the floor

Up Phase

From this starting position slowly tilt your pelvis back towards your chest by raising your […]

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Forensic Analysis of the Bench Press

Analysis by Glenn Cranham B.Sc
The bench press is the foundation of the supine pushing movements. Once mastered it will allow for a great number of variations.

A good bench press allows the participant to stabilise all the core musculature isometrically, whilst focusing on recruiting the chest, triceps and anterior deltoids isotonically.

Concentric joint actions

Shoulder Horizontal Adduction/Flexion

Agonist […]

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Are you a Plank?

Having spent the last 30 years as an instructor from Slide… yes Slide!! To Aerobics, Step, BodyPump, BodyBalance, Circuit training, you name it I have trained and taught it. Latterly preferring Pilates as my main passion.

I am intrigued with how the plank is presented in classes, traditionally Pilates have the ‘prone leg pull’ but the stationary plank […]

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Forensic Exercise Analysis Of A Squat (Series 1)

Forensic Analysis by Dr Paul Batman

Exercise: Squat
Client Instruction
 Starting Position

Position your body under a safety rack and slowly lift and rest the bar on your shoulders making sure the bar is off your neck (support maybe needed)
Grasp the bar with your palms facing forward about 10-15 cm outside of your shoulders
Position your feet […]

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Forensic Analysis Pilates Teaser

Analysis by Nkoya Dove B.Sc. & Gill Cummings-Bell M.Sc.

Start position

Lie in supine with the head, shoulders and scapulae lifted off the floor. Legs should be raised from the floor and extended at approx 60 degrees or at a height where control is maintained through the lower back. Reach the arms forwards in front of the […]

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Forensic Analysis Barbell Lunge

Analysis By Dr Paul Batman. P.hD

Client Instruction

Starting position

Place a barbell across the top of your shoulders just below the neck
Stand upright with your feet approximately shoulder distance apart
Keep your eyes focused straight ahead and your abdominals and spinal extensors contracted

Down Phase

Begin the exercise by taking a smooth step forward with your […]

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Forensic Analysis: The Pilates Hundred

Analysis by Nkoya Dove BSc(Hons) MCSP HCPC Physiotherapist Instruction Start position: Lie on your back with knees and hips bent to 90° (table top position).

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Forensic Analysis – Tricep Extension Exercises

Analysis by Dr Paul Batman P.Hd
There is a multitude of exercises that recruit the triceps in an isolated manner. The common thread that binds these exercises together is extension of the elbow joint, which is the common action in all triceps exercises. The elbow joint is a hinge joint and as a consequence can only […]

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Forensic Analysis – Front Arm Raise

Analysis By Dr Paul Batman

Client Instruction

Starting Position

Standing in an upright position grasp the dumbbells with both hands in a pronated position

Up Phase

While maintaining slightly bent knees slowly raise your right arm forward of your body
Keep your left arm against your left thigh
As you are raising your right arm forward of your […]

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