Using Set Systems Series 2

Article & Podcast by Glenn Cranham B.Sc


In ‘Using Set Systems 1’ we looked at Basic sets as the building block of your session, we then discussed several set systems that minimised rest periods by combining exercises. In this article, we shall discuss the systems that involve increasing or decreasing either the load, reps or both. 

Pyramid […]

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Plyometrics – What is it?

Article by the Drummond Team

Plyometrics is a fantastic form of training that many personal trainers will have used at some point in their own training programmes at one point or another. It is a key time of year where you may be thinking of including it in many pre-season programmes. 

The benefits are widely accredited;

You […]

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Using Set Systems Series 1

Article by Glenn Cranham B.Sc (Hon’s)
Set systems are ways of manipulating the short term exercise variables (sets, reps, load, rest and tempo) in order to promote a physiological adaptation and add variety to resistance training.

Many of these methods originally come from bodybuilding applications and strength and conditioning experts. However in the recent decades these have […]

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