Is Health a Choice? Do you keep it NEAT?

Article by Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s) M.Sc. MBA. PGCE. MIfL

After 35 years in the health industry I have begun to question what it takes to make the choice to change your lifestyle and choose a healthier way of living. To make choices every day of good nutritious healthy food and fluid, plenty of rest and recuperation, […]

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How Your Gut May Be Preventing Your Weight Loss

Article by Lincoln Bryden

Obesity has stolen national headlines as one of the most pressing health issues of our generation. It is clear that obesity is a multi-factorial, complex process that spans genetics, culture, socio-economic status, environment, beliefs, stress and more.

Many facets are well understood about obesity, particularly the consequence, which we know to be increased […]

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22-30 of our articles on All Things Fitness

From Dr Paul Batman PhD

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22. How can I monitor physical activity for weight […]

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16-21 of our articles on ‘All Things Fitness’

continuing our amazing series of articles from Dr Paul Batman PhD.
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16. Are you sure that I have high Cholesterol?
I recently had a blood test to measure my cholesterol levels. Fortunately my LDL (bad cholesterol) levels were within normal limits but to […]

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11-15 of our Articles on all things Fitness

by Dr Paul Batman PhD

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6-10 of our Articles on All Things Fitness

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Article 6: Let your brain do the walking..
As our population ages and people live longer there is always the fear that age […]

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You can’t argue with numbers!

What is the real truth? You can’t argue with numbers…. Article by Dr Paul Batman P.Hd
To discourage us from eating the wrong foods we are often told what exercise would be required to burn the food item off. We have been told that if we eat that chocolate bar we will have to go to […]

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Resting Metabolic Rate & Energy Expenditure

Resting metabolic rate is the energy your body uses to perform the most basic functions, at rest, for a 24-hour period. This can also be termed the resting energy expenditure. Total metabolic output is the total energy expenditure you use throughout the day which includes your resting energy expenditure and then energy expended doing all […]

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Weight management, hypothyroidism and the menopause!

Are you, or your female clients struggling with all three?
Article by Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s). M.Sc. PGCE. MBA

Hypothyroidism and menopaus have a connection.  Many women do not realise that there is an overlap between post menopausal symptoms and the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can increase or worsen symptoms of menopause. A research study published in […]

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Why do we Sweat?



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