Is it possible to drink too much water?

Article by Dr Paul Batman, PhD.

Over the past few years several fatalities have been reported on a number of long distance adventure treks. Initially health professionals were at a loss to explain why apparently healthy well-prepared trekkers could die on some of these walks. It was initially thought that these deaths must have been caused […]

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Overweight and anxiety in the approach to Christmas – what to do?

The festive season is almost upon us – the thought alone can cause anxiety and stress – pressures of cooking large meals for volumes of family – (not to mention time spent with those trickier family members!), hectic schedules, the pressure to spend lots of money, no time for exercise, the list goes on!

 Some people […]

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Can belly fat be harmful to our health?

By Dr Paul Batman, PhD

In the lead up to the Christmas period we always have the choice to either over indulge or control our holiday urges. Typically the first sign of overindulgence we notice is an increase in our belly fat! In the New Year we will look in the mirror and see these handles appearing […]

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What happens when energy restricted diets are crossed with high intensity exercise?

By Dr Paul Batman, PhD. 

If we are on a healthy eating plan based on the current macronutrient portioning of food per day we are probably eating 2,000- 2,200 Kcal if we are female and approximately 2,600-2,800 Kcal if we are male. 

The food pyramid emphasises that our break up of K calories should be 50% carbohydrate, […]

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Why Therapy Exercise?

Article by Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s) M.Sc. PGCE. MBA
Why Therapy Exercise?

 The key area for any therapy exercise is to be able to identify how exercise relates to the condition presented. Exercise therapists must have the skill to observe technique closely and be able to understand dysfunctional movement patterns caused by poor posture, musculo-skeletal injury or […]

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Stop The Trots!

The truth about Runs & Runs
article by Alice Hector Drummond Clinic Ambassador and Professional Triathlete

Exercise helps stimulate the digestive system, which is a good thing, to a point. As Roald Dahl so eloquently put in his version of The Three Bears:

“An early morning stroll / Is good for people on the whole/ It makes your […]

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My “Coast to Coast” Journey

Journal by Dr Paul Batman P.hD
From St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire

After 40 years of working and training in the fitness industry, I was recently diagnosed with a 90% blocked coronary artery. I was shattered, after teaching people for decades that if you were fit, ate a healthy diet, controlled your […]

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What happens if I go away on holidays and I don’t train?

Article by Dr Paul Batman Ph.D





When people start a cardiovascular fitness program they are sometimes under the illusion that they will get fit quick and once they have improved their CV fitness level they can stop and go back their previous sedentary habits.

They don’t realise that it takes time and commitment to get CV fit […]

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Boost Your Immune System With Exercise!

Feeling under the weather – Client/Class handout by Jo Everill-Taylor B.Sc

As we leave the summer and move through into Autumn, many of us can start to suffer from the darker nights coming in early, the damp weather and a change in our nutrition. We leave the summer with strong immune systems generally from healthier lighter […]

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10 Benefits of Weight Training for Women

(Article adapted from Infinite Sports Performance Inc.)

Female clients are often afraid of lifting weights. This can be because they are worried about getting bigger, fueled by watching the heavy male lifters in the gym. There are many fitness advantages to weight training the least of which is the benefit to weight management. In fact the […]

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