Foam Rolling Effects on Range of Motion – What the Research Shows

Using a foam roller for self release of muscle tension or aches is now a fairly wide spread practice.  It’s also used with the intention of improving movement mechanics for performance purposes (think strength, muscle stiffness or elasticity). However, what do we really know about how effective it is? The following article will look at […]

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Back to Basics – Running & Back Pain

Article by the Drummond Team 

Back to Basics

Have all the spring marathons – or increase in training for the summer events – left you with back pain? It might not be just your back that’s the cause of the pain. Read our article below for more information – and some tips to help keep you running!

First […]

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Getting to the Bottom of Running!

Article by the Drummond Team

Running is an activity that relies on forward momentum to get us from A to B. In order to achieve this the main muscular driving force should come from the Gluteus Maximus (glutes) with a good amount of assistance from the hamstring muscles (the muscles that form the bottom and back […]

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Drummond Team joins the Myth-Busting Fight Against Back Pain

Article by the Drummond Team

It’s no secret that back pain can be debilitating! You may be reading this thinking “but I’ve  tried every remedy out there and nothing works for me – and who are YOU to say this?”

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’ who use the power of physiotherapy to ‘transform lives, maximise independence and […]

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Is Hypermobility Syndrome Linked to Tendinitis?

Physio Corner

Article by the Drummond Team

“Is Hypermobility Syndrome linked to Tendinitis?”

Short answer is – Yes.

The explanation:

Just to clarify on terms: Tendinitis is described as the inflammation and irritation of a tendon.  However, recent research has found that most tendon issues are non-inflammatory, so this term is rarely used. A more appropriate name for a […]

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Plyometrics – Is It For Everyone?

Article by the Drummond Team

Plyometrics is a fantastic form of training that many personal trainers will have used at some point in their own training programmes at one point or another.


The benefits are widely accredited;

You increase the power and strength in the legs which will help all other aspects of training,You burn more calories in a […]

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Physio Corner

Article by the Drummond Team

What is a Sacroiliac Joint?

We have 2 sacroiliac joints.  They are the connections between the sacrum of the spine and the corresponding portion of the pelvic girdle.

When the pelvic girdle is working well, the structure sometimes doesn’t get the credit it is due.  The function of the sacroiliac joint is to […]

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