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Summer Picnic Recipes

Homemade Food Jars

Liven up your picnic hamper with homemade food jars – they’re easy to transport and they look amazing! These tasty red berry granola pots are a perfect summer dessert, made with strawberries and raspberry coulis, topped with a layer of creamy yogurt and crunchy granola.

Red berry granola yogurt pots


150g strawberries
4 tbsp […]

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The Birth of Pilates

Pilates – an increasingly popular form of exercise originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s is a total mind-body conditioning program designed to target the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall central core stability, posture and balance.

Therapy Pilates combines the early principles of Joseph Pilates with current research in movement dysfunction, local […]

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Outdoor Fitness & “Trekking” for weight loss

Article by Dr. Paul Batman, PhD.

One of the most significant changes in Fitness is the emergence of outdoor training. So much so that there are now new regulations on outdoor venues sustainability and new charges enforced by local councils and regulatory bodies to use these outdoors areas. (See ukactive Outdoor Code of Practice )

Green or outdoor […]

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May 2019 Student Corner – James Parkinson

Article by the Drummond Team

This month we welcome James Parkinson. After spending 5 years as a serving member in the Parachute Regiment of the British army, James decided to take a bit of time off and do a little travelling. Upon arriving back home, his next venture brought him to Drummond Education – and to […]

June 2019 newsletter – Technical Article “Integrating walking and standing back into our urban lifestyle”

By Dr Paul Batman, PhD.

One of the most dramatic changes to our lifestyle over the past 100 years has been the decline in standing and walking. At the beginning of the 20thcentury 90% of the world’s population was involved in some sort of rural activity. In the 21stcentury this number has declined significantly as more […]

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Back to Basics – Running & Back Pain

Article by the Drummond Team 

Back to Basics

Have all the spring marathons – or increase in training for the summer events – left you with back pain? It might not be just your back that’s the cause of the pain. Read our article below for more information – and some tips to help keep you running!

First […]

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Getting to the Bottom of Running!

Article by the Drummond Team

Running is an activity that relies on forward momentum to get us from A to B. In order to achieve this the main muscular driving force should come from the Gluteus Maximus (glutes) with a good amount of assistance from the hamstring muscles (the muscles that form the bottom and back […]

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Mel’s Body Conditioning Leg Workout

By Drummond Course Tutor Mel Beves

Here is a section from my body conditioning class that I am teaching at the moment.  This really overloads the lower body and gives a metabolic kick!  Who says you have to have impact to get the heart rate racing?!!

Wide squat x16 / wide pulse squat 16 – repeat […]

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Drummond Team joins the Myth-Busting Fight Against Back Pain

Article by the Drummond Team

It’s no secret that back pain can be debilitating! You may be reading this thinking “but I’ve  tried every remedy out there and nothing works for me – and who are YOU to say this?”

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’ who use the power of physiotherapy to ‘transform lives, maximise independence and […]

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Pilates Principles for Skiing

Class handout 

By Jo Everill-Taylor, Drummond Pilates lead & Director of Better Body Training Limited & Hatch.

So I suspect you think I’m now going to suggest a range of exercises that will help improve your skiing? Well, actually,  I thought I’d take a different look at how the Pilates Method can affect your skiing (ok then I will […]

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