Interview with Sports Photographer Darren Wheeler – a.k.a “That Camera Man”

Alice Hector, Ambassador to our sister company – Drummond Clinic – interviews Sports photographer Darren Wheeler

What drew you to photography, and triathlon photography, in particular?

I was initially drawn to sports photography through my own personal love of water-skiing. I have always embraced challenges that most photographers would shy away from. Bobbing along in a cold […]

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H20 Fit – Aqua Training and certification

Our student of the month is Sarah Booth, Aqua Training & Development Programmes instructor & Drummond Education student. Sarah now runs her own successful aqua instructor training business H20 Fit. 

The course format is as follows:

1 day course which includes both theory and practical sessions. Pre coursework based on the student manual prior to attending the […]

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2019 – Are you ready for it?

Article by Samantha Cullum, Director, Upstartr

At the start of the year you can’t open a magazine without seeing a headline screaming ‘New Year, New You’ and café table conversation is all about new year resolutions, heated debate about planning and sometimes even silent contemplation of life and career.

We know it is tough to talk about plans […]

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New Year! New You! New Business!

Article by Gill Cummings-Bell, Drummond Education

It is that time of year again. We are all winding down a little and taking some time to reflect on our achievements and our future work path.

Whether you are new to teaching fitness or you are well established in your fitness teaching/business there are many directions you could take […]

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November 2018 Newsletter – Business Corner

Business Corner – Luke Katt’s Club-K Health & Fitness

Drummond Education graduate Luke Katt has had an illustrious fitness  career spanning 20 years. His career started as a cruise ship entertainer and didn’t end there! He completed his Level 2  Exercise to Music training course 20 years ago with Drummond, which then led to Level 2 […]

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Business Corner – Pegasus Training Holidays

We draw inspiration this month from one of our students, Mandy Smead. Mandy is owner and operator of her “dream job” Pegasus Training Holidays, which combines her love of fitness and holidays. She and her business partner run up to 8 European destination training holidays a year, and take anywhere from 6 to 10 people […]

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Getting Down & Dirty in the Park!

According to a recent Saturday Times article, our famous UK adventurer Bear Grylls says we need to “Get Down & Dirty in the Park”. Outdoor fitness is not waning; in fact, its never been more popular. More and more people are active and participating in exercise up and down the country. The gym has gone outdoors. […]

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Increasing Your Business with Sports Massage Therapy

Some of the great benefits of Sports Massage Therapy!

Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of muscles and soft tissue by applying pressure to the body with the intention of positively affecting the health and well being of the client or patient.

Benefits of Massage Therapy Include:

Massage is very effective in the relief of pain and […]

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The Business Is Outdoors – Article By Gill Cummings-Bell

Have you noticed as you drive into work the array of people of all shapes and sizes that are now exercising outdoors, from runners, to walkers to cyclists. People doing press ups on park benches, mud crawls along the ground, military fitness boot-camps, Nordic Walking along the tow path and pushing the baby in the […]

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Goodbye 2017 – Hello to 2018!

The end of the year is the traditional time to reflect on your achievements and progress; and plan forward for the next year.

If you run your own business; which many instructors and Personal Trainers do, those precious days between Christmas and New Year sometimes give an hour or so of downtime to reflect on what […]

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