Calorie-Reduced Smoky Chilli with Vegetables & Beans

One (very generous) serving of this smoky chilli with vegetables and beans comes in at an incredible 220 calories per portion – or 420 calories if adding steamed rice. It can be made with Quorn or low-fat beef mince.


1 tbsp of vegetable oil
1 large onion, peeled and diced
2 carrots, peeled and diced

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Happy International Women’s Day! – Interview with Athlete Alice Hector

International Women’s Day – Interview with Athlete Alice Hector from Drummond Clinic on Vimeo.

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New food-portion size guide to help tackle overeating

Article by the Drummond Team

A new food portion size guide to help tackle overeating has just been launched in the UK, advising us to measure out produce using our hands. The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) launched the guide, titled Find Your Balance, which uses simple hand and spoon measures to estimate appropriate portions of food. The guide also suggests […]

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Sleep! Basic advice on an important topic

By Dan Morris, Drummond Sports Rehabilitator  

We all know the basics of sleep advice; get eight hours of sleep a night, turn your phones and televisions, etc. However, do we fully appreciate the effect that sleep has on our pain? Our stress levels? Our ability to recover? Our injury risk? We will delve into this […]

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Christmas Nutritional Guide – & A Calorie Survival List

Article by the Drummond Team

Its that time of year again! Food seems to be all round us, and exercise falls by the way side as our calendars fill up with festive parties, activities, and eating…lots of eating!

Here’s some great information on nutritional facts for some of our favourite Christmas foods – and some tips to […]

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Foods to Help Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Article by the Drummond Team

In the lead up to Christmas, stress for many of us is almost inevitable! And food and drink is all around us – making it far too tempting and hard to resist. Here are some foods that can help relieve anxiety.

 Research shows that some foods act as natural remedies for anxiety, […]

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Butter up!

Is Butter Really Back?

Article by The Drummond Team 

Can you believe that a  group of scientists are challenging everything we know about cholesterol, saying we should eat fat and stop taking statins?! This is not just bad science – it will cost lives, say experts.

“Butter is back. Saturated fat is good for you. Cholesterol is not the […]

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Business Corner – Pegasus Training Holidays

We draw inspiration this month from one of our students, Mandy Smead. Mandy is owner and operator of her “dream job” Pegasus Training Holidays, which combines her love of fitness and holidays. She and her business partner run up to 8 European destination training holidays a year, and take anywhere from 6 to 10 people […]

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Snacking – a favourite British pastime?!

Britain is a nation of snackers. Did you know that 8 out of 10 snacks are eaten on the go or that 6 out of 10 people snack at home daily?

The good news is that fresh fruit appears to be the most popular snack overall, but chocolate is the most popular snack for eating on […]

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Drinking Beer After a Workout: Good or Bad for You?

Drinking beer seems to have become a post-workout ritual. Where does this idea come from? Are there any benefits?

You may have seen those beer commercials with a group of athletes throwing back some brews after a tough training session. Or maybe you’ve signed up for one of those endurance races that reward you with a beer the moment you […]

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