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From Dr Paul Batman PhD

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22. How can I monitor physical activity for weight […]

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French Fries or Almonds?

Which comes out on top?

An interesting article reposted from Harvard Health on calories of each, are they in fact equal?

“The one clear finding was that consumption of French fries increased blood glucose and insulin secretion much more than did almonds,” Dr. Willett says.

http://Almonds Vs French Fries

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Working with Physiotherapy Referral

Do you want to reach out to medical professionals and work with rehabilitative exercise on a referral basis. View this video with Alex Drummond B.Sc (Hon’s), MCSPs lead clinical director physiotherapist and Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s), M.Sc, PGCE. MBA AMCSP a leading clinical exercise physiologist who work with exercise therapy referral from primary care. Understand […]

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11-15 of our Articles on all things Fitness

by Dr Paul Batman PhD

follow this great series of short articles from Dr Paul. You can use them in your own marketing and social media for your clients just reference them to Dr Paul Batman PhD. You can give your clients well evidenced, credible information to help them on their health and fitness journey and […]

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The Return from Digital! – Where are we now?

Article by Lorraine Young (Senior Tutor Edinburgh)
Many of us developed our digital skills with force during the pandemic, what are we doing now?

Fitness professionals have been one of the most responsive industries during the pandemic. Instructors desire to continue to look after the health of their clients has meant that they have adapted well due […]

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1-5 Articles from ‘All Things Health & Fitness

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Article 1
Retirees take note…. it doesn’t take that much
When the time comes to retire many older adults look forward to sitting back and watching life […]

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Flourless Oat & Date Cake

Another great recipe from our resident foody Krissy.
An easy dessert or breakfast cake recipe. Try it over the holidays.  Simple food cupboard ingredients, nothing fancy but still packs a punch and healthy 

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil or any oil you prefer
1 cup tightly packed pitted dates 
2 large or 4 small eggs

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Kettlebell Workout

A great workout with Glenn that you can take anywhere. You can try this in the gym, outdoors, in the studio or just at home on your mat. Share this with your clients and set it as homework over the holidays for them. If you want to see the technique for the more technical exercises, […]

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Gut health, the microbiome, and its link to our mental and physical well-being – Article 2

In my first article on gut health I explained how I discovered the microbiome. In this second article, I will be talking about our gut and our microbes.

Our gut

Our gut is a 9-metre long tube stretching from mouth to anus. A recent piece of scientific research in Sweden stated that if we were to take […]

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Weight management, hypothyroidism and the menopause!

Are you, or your female clients struggling with all three?
Article by Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s). M.Sc. PGCE. MBA

Hypothyroidism and menopaus have a connection.  Many women do not realise that there is an overlap between post menopausal symptoms and the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can increase or worsen symptoms of menopause. A research study published in […]

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