Hypertrophy Gym Workout for you to try?

Workout, by Conor Maclean B.Sc (Hon’s)

Choose one exercise from each section below for your workout and complete the sets and reps. You will leave the gym with a good all over body workout. You can then vary it throughout the week.


3 or 4

3 or 4

3 or 4

3 or 4

3 or 4

3 or 4

3 or 4

5min […]

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Bulgarian Bag – Different But Effective

Article by Sam Tomkins B.Sc CSCS

The Bulgarian bag was said to have been developed in 2005 by Ivan Ivanov. At the time he was working as a U.S. Olympic wrestling coach and wanted to improve explosive actions and dynamic movements involved in pushing, twisting, swinging, pulling, bending, rotating, squatting, lunging and throwing.

An official Bulgarian Bag […]

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Week 1 workout for strength, posture and core

This workout was designed for a 50 year old female who wanted to complete the 3 peaks challenge.  

Increase weight or reps on the programme to suit your client fitness level.

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Cardio Power Circuit Workout

This is a great simple workout to use either in the garden or outdoors anywhere in the nice weather or use it in the gym, studio or class. 

You can add varied equipment to each exercise to make it more challenging. Try it with weighted med balls, VIPR or a kettlebell. 

Give this to your clients or […]

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Strength Training For Cycling

There is much confusion on whether cyclists and triathletes should use strength and conditioning (S&C) as part of their cycling training. The traditional thinking has been that spending time on a bike will make a more accomplished rider and will improve an individuals ability. Whilst I can’t disagree with this thinking, there are caveats to […]

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Peripheral Heart Action Circuit with Suspension/TRX

Workout by Glenn Cranham B.Sc 

A great little bank holiday workout for your clients at the gym. 

CV warm up 5 mins.

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Programming High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training is a popular training method used in fitness, sport and exercise programming. It is used to target improvements in cardio-respiratory fitness, metabolic function and performance.

Definition: Whilst there are a variety of forms of HIIT, all involve repeated short to long bouts of high intensity exercise interspersed with active or passive recovery periods.

Which […]

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Cardio Resistance Leg Spin

Indoor Cycling Class/Training Session 

My workout suggestion for this week is inspired by a spin class I went to yesterday with Jules at Maple Durham, The Club Company. Professionally we don’t often get the opportunity to have a shout out, but this is a shout out for Jules, a great instructor.

Resistance training set systems are used […]

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Tabata Protocol

Article by the Drummond PT Team
Tabata training is based on the original study that took place in 1996 which used 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise (at an intensity of about 170% of VO2max) followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles).

In the original study, athletes using this method trained 4 […]

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Suspension (Sus)/Kettlebell (KB) 30 min blast

Video demonstration of the 5 Kettlebell exercises in this workout

Video demonstration of the 5 Suspension exercises in this workout
Workout by Glenn Cranham B.Sc (Hon’s) 

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