Major HIIT workout with peripheral heart

Workout by the Drummond Team 
HIIT Workout In 3 Sets– 40 mins

Work for 1 min on each exercise with 15 seconds transition to next exercise: If you don’t feel like you have worked hard at the end of the workout you haven’t worked hard enough. 

Bodyweight Set

Squat thrusts

Press ups


Mountain climbers


Side plank with pulses (Left)

Side plank with pulses […]

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Outdoor bodyweight workout – Great for a summers day

Workout by Conor McLean
A wee 20 minute, 4 round of 4 sets workout. Exercise/Rest times can be played around with (30:30 or 20:40 or 15:45) depending on fitness. Minimal/no real equipment required. All rounds include heart raiser, upper body, lower body and core! Have fun with it 🙂

Round 1




High Knees

Press Ups

Lunges (can be […]

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Gill & Tom’s Tag Bootcamp

Tom and I were inspired to go to the open water swimming lake with the rest of our team on an early morning swim. We decided that whilst the rest of our team swam we would workout around the lake on our own bootcamp tag. This left me a wee bit worried as Tom is […]

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The big DROP workout – A great workout to stimulate muscle growth

Workout by Timothy Barry, Drummond Team

A quick workout I wanted to share, which I have personally found gets great results in muscle growth and toning. Ideal for men and women (ladies this will help your toning and you won’t get huge shoulder muscles (a lot of my clients ask me this).

An early warning; this is […]

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Pyramid Workout

Workout by Conor McLean
For beginners who perhaps haven’t done pyramid training before,  work through 3 various rep ranges (rep range increases, whilst weights decrease – roughly by 10-20% or more/less dependant in individual) for each of the exercises, back to back with minimal rest. So pick your first weight at 8 – 10 difficulty to […]

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Cardio Interval To Power – Individual Circuit


Warm up 5 mins using CV 

With this workout use your CV intervals (as below, 1,2, 3,)  using 3 different exercises for each 20 seconds and then 20 seconds rest. Repeat it 6 times before moving onto first power block. Repeat the same CV interval block between each power block. 

One minutes rest between each block to […]

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Workout – Giant Set Circuit

Complete 1 resistance set, 15 seconds to change,  1 CV set 1 minute rest then move to next block down. Repeat until all blocks done. Takes around 1 hour.


Resistance Exercise with VIPR or Barbell or Medball or Plates etc

All 30 reps


CV Exercise all 30 Seconds

Giant Set 1

Shoulder Press x 30

Lateral Raise x 30

Shoulder Press x […]

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Conor’s Cardio Blast

Blow out the cobwebs and the seasonal excesses with this fun cardio workout from Conor. Its pretty good fun and takes 45 minutes to complete. 

Choose 3 cardio machines of your choice (E.g. Treadmill; Rower; X-trainer or Bike etc). After each timed block, increase your intensity by 10-20% for the following block so as your time […]

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Christmas Blast Workouts

Workout programme card by Glenn Cranham B.Sc
Christmas Blast
If you’re short of time over xmas with relatives and parties, you still need to control those additional calories. So why not make the most of your time in the gym with compound exercises in a peripheral heart action (blood shunt) circuit. You can intersperse this with cardio […]

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12 Days of Christmas Accumulator Workout

Workout by the Drummond Team. Merry Christmas.
This is a workout you can do in class with your group, or individually with your clients and then set them to do at home to keep them fit over the break days of Christmas. You could also set it as day 1 is Christmas day until the 5th […]

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