Snacking – a favourite British pastime?!

Britain is a nation of snackers. Did you know that 8 out of 10 snacks are eaten on the go or that 6 out of 10 people snack at home daily?

The good news is that fresh fruit appears to be the most popular snack overall, but chocolate is the most popular snack for eating on […]

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Drinking Beer After a Workout: Good or Bad for You?

Drinking beer seems to have become a post-workout ritual. Where does this idea come from? Are there any benefits?

You may have seen those beer commercials with a group of athletes throwing back some brews after a tough training session. Or maybe you’ve signed up for one of those endurance races that reward you with a beer the moment you […]

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Krisztina’s Healthy Banana Oat Cookies

Krisztina’s Healthy Banana Oat Cookies 

2 ripe bananas
100g chunky oats
2 eggs
Cinnamon. to taste
Cardamom to taste
Vanilla aroma to taste
2-3 tbsp desiccated coconut

Mash the bananas and combine with oats and eggs until smooth.

Mixture should be thick enough to handle with hands if not add some more oats until it is.

Once it is thick enough mix through the spices […]

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Do any of your clients or class members find going to the gym daunting? How about starting them with one piece of  equipment at a time. Let’s begin this week with Medicine balls. And here’s an easy-to follow workout you can share with them:

The Workout

40 sec each exercise. 3 sets. CV of your choice between […]

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New Year – SMARTER Goals

Class Handout by Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s) M.SC. MBA. PGCE. MIfL.

It’s that time to year when we all want to make New Year’s resolutions. This year instead of New Years resolutions, I want you to consider putting them into the context of SMARTER goals. Whatever you want to achieve in the coming year, it is […]

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The Benefits Of Cardiovascular & Mixed Martial Arts Style Exercise

Article by Nicola Richmond founder of ‘Street Strike’

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been around for centuries and has developed into lots of different forms including Muay Tai, Jujitsu and Karate.

So what are the exercise benefits of doing MMA?

Firstly it is an excellent exhilarating physical workout out. Doing around one hour of sparring or grappling moves […]

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Diabetes & Exericse

Article by Laura Walker
Diabetes is a complex group of diseases with varied causes.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Metabolism is the cycle of the body using digested food for energy. When you eat carbohydrates, the digestive tract breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, a form of sugar that enters the bloodstream. With the help of the hormone […]

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Endothelial Cell Function & Exercise

Article by Dr Paul Batman Ph.D

There is always a consequence…..what the wrong type of physical activity can do to your blood vessels!

It is widely accepted that cardiovascular disease is amongst the leading causes of death in the developed world, often associated with affluence and economic growth.

One risk factor acutely associated with cardiovascular disease is endothelial […]

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So The Journey Continues – Self Perception Profiling

words of wisdom by Anne Simon B.Sc (Hon’s)
I am delighted to report that, having had a reality check (see last newsletter), I have remained on track and have now lost 20 pounds, but possibly more importantly healthwise and aesthetically more than 26 cms! This has started me thinking about the improvements I have been experiencing […]

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You Easter Egg Calorie Guide


Serve Size


Average Childs Egg


273 – 2.5 hours to walk off

Average Adult’s Egg


689 – 6.5 hrs to walk off

Average Giant Egg


782 – 7.5 hrs to walk off

Cadburys Giant Easter Egg

1 egg


Average Easter Bunny

1 egg


Lindt Gold Bunny

1 bunny


Cadbury Creme Egg

1 egg


Cadbury Marshmallow Egg

1 egg


Cadburys Caramello Mini Eggs

2 eggs


Creme Egg Mini

1 egg


Cadburys Solid Mini Easter Eggs

 2 eggs


Cadburys Dream […]

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