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Top tips to increase your December income!!

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Article by Gill Cummings-Bell BA (Hon’s), M.Sc.MBA.PGCE.AMCSP
It is always a worry for fitness instructors when December is looming. We know that clients will drop off and class numbers will reduce and as a consequence your […]

22-30 of our articles on All Things Fitness

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From Dr Paul Batman PhD

Continuing our greta series of articles on all things fitness. The gift of information. Not picked up 1-21, take a look on our website. Remember to share these articles on your […]

Working with Client’s with an FAI (Femoral-acetabular impingement)

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Article by Alex Proctor QTS, BA (HONS) HPAC […]

How to complete a risk assessment for workout in outdoor fitness

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If you are working outdoors teaching fitness or bootcamps then watch this video with Conor Mclean our outdoor fitness tutor and understand how to complete a risk assessment. You can also download the Outdoor Code […]

Pilates Class Modifications for General Hip Pain or Discomfort

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Jo Everill-Taylor B.Sc (Hon’s)

Many clients present in a Pilates class with hip pain which can be caused by very varied conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Snapping Hip Syndrome, Poor Posture, Pelvic Dysfunction, ligament injuries, […]

Cutting Workout for Experienced Clients

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article by Glenn Cranham B.Sc (Hon’s)

This is a workout that’s designed to burn high calories and fat through the utilisation of a peripheral heart action method whilst still achieving hypertrophic gains for the upper body.

You’re […]

16-21 of our articles on ‘All Things Fitness’

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continuing our amazing series of articles from Dr Paul Batman PhD.
Remember you can use these for your own clients and in your own social media. 
16. Are you sure that I have high Cholesterol?
I recently had […]

Simple 3 Minute Summer Fruit Cake

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By our resident food Krissy Biliczky

An amazingly quick delicious cake to pack in your picnics or take to the gym for a boost. 


1 egg 
2 tbsp oat bran 
3 tbsp psyllium husk
25g ( […]

Working with Physiotherapy Referral

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Do you want to reach out to medical professionals and work with rehabilitative exercise on a referral basis. View this video with Alex Drummond B.Sc (Hon’s), MCSPs lead clinical director physiotherapist and Gill Cummings-Bell BA […]

Pregnancy & Exercise Do’s and Don’ts

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Watch this video to understand the do’s and don’ts of exercising during pregnancy. Download the course notes here too. Kegel Pelvic Floor Exercises copy , Slides Stages of Pregnancy & Delivery, PrePosNatal_PARQ_and_PARMED-X_