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Profiling Muscles Part 5 – Muscles of the shoulder joint posterior for Fitness Trainers – The Teres Major

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By Dr Paul Batman, PhD.



The teres major is a small round muscle that runs in the same direction as the latissimus dorsi and is often referred to as the “Lats little helper”. […]

Profiling Muscles Part 4: Muscles of the shoulder joint posterior for Fitness Trainers – The Latissimus Dorsi

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By Dr Paul Batman, PhD.https://drummondeducation.com/wp-admin/edit.php



The latissimus dorsi is a broad sheet of muscle commencing from a broad origin across the lower back converging to a small twisting insertion on the humerus.


Spinous processes of […]

The Super-Fit 60-Somethings…

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Article by the Drummond Team 

The rise of the superfit sixties 

You see them at the gym every day – and not just swimming or doing yoga! 10 years  ago we might have thought about hanging up our […]


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By Dr Paul Batman, PhD.


The transverse abdominis is the deepest abdominal muscle extending across the abdomen in a horizontal direction.


Inguinal ligament, iliac crest, costal cartilages of the lower 6 ribs.


Abdominal aponeurosis and linear alba.


Forensic Analysis: Shoulder Bridge

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By the Drummond Team


Start position: Lie on your back with the feet hip-width apart and arms by the side with palms facing down. Slowly tilt the pelvis under and peel the lower back off the […]

Physio Corner – Achilles Issues and how to combat them

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Achilles Issues from Drummond Clinic on Vimeo.

Conor’s Super-Set Session Workout

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By Conor McLean, Drummond Tutor & Senior Lecturer, & Lifestyle & Obesity Specialist for Edinburgh Leisure 
Supersets are a great way to hit all the main muscle groups in the body, especially if you are quite […]

Charity Fitness Fling – Saturday 16th February 2019

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Have a Fling with Exercise! Saturday 16th February 2019 at Purley Hall, Purley on Thames 

Register and sign up here:


Try different types of fitness class with Joanna and Katie, while raising money for Daisy’s Dream, […]

H20 Fit – Aqua Training and certification

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Our student of the month is Sarah Booth, Aqua Training & Development Programmes instructor & Drummond Education student. Sarah now runs her own successful aqua instructor training business H20 Fit. 

The course format is as follows:

1 […]

Chocolate peanut butter and beetroot protein balls

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By: Krisztina Biliczky, Education and Training expert 


2 cups of of gluten free oat flour 
1/2 coconut flour or ground almonds 
1/2 cup vegan chocolate protein powder
2 tbsp cocos powder ( can add 3 […]